Breathing Exercises, Yoga Postures For Curing Anemia

For those people who suffer from chronic anemia and are tired of popping iron pills, Yoga is the best alternative and the most effective cure. All that is required is to take some time out to perform the Yoga postures on a daily basis. This routine not only addresses the chronic anemia but also strengthens the immune system to fight a whole lot of other diseases.

Combine the Yogic postures with regular intake of iron pills or other natural cures like fruit juices to beat this condition as soon as possible. Once you are back on track and your anemic disposition goes away, you can drop all other measures and keep the routine of Yoga to ward off any reoccurrence of this condition

Tackle your Anemia with a two pronged Yogic strategy. This involves both Pranayam or the breathing patterns and the Asanas. When both are applied in combination, the bone marrows are stimulated to produce more red blood cells and the life span of the blood cells runs its course of 120 days.

Breathing Exercises:

  • Start with Ujjayi or the loud breathing through both nostrils. Make sure that the glottis are partially closed and breathe out through the throat. The sound produced is like that of sobbing. The whole pattern must be unhurried, continuous and unbroken.
  • Suryavedna Pranayam or Anulom Viloum Pranayam follows the Ujjayi. This breathing exercise requires sitting cross legged with a straight spine. Slowly draw in air through the right nostril keeping the left closed with the thumb or ring finger. Exhale slowly through the left while keeping the right nostril closed. Now repeat the inhalation with the left and exhalation with the right several times.
  • Finish the breathing exercise with Kapal Bhatti. Draw in short sharp breaths while throwing out the air with force in a continuous sequence without tiring out. Stop when you feel pain in the back or abdomen and repeat several times in between intervals.

Important Postures:

  • Sarvangasna or the shoulder stand is a very powerful Yoga posture that helps the body to produce more red blood cells. It will take a few days practice to perfect it, but remember it works wonder for your anemic condition. Just lie flat on your back with palms in line with your body. Keeping the legs together in straight line, slowly exhale while lifting your legs together to 30, 60, 90 and finally 130 degrees. Hold this position for as long as possible breathing normally. Now bring the legs back to 90 degrees perpendicular to the body ably supported by your palms holding the back firmly. Basically all your weight is supported by the shoulders in this position. Breathe normally and hold this as long as you feel comfortable.
  • Paschimotasana: Sitting with your legs stretched out in a straight line, raise your hands up in the air and bring down your shoulders and head towards your knees, until the head almost rests on the knees and hands are places on either side of the floor. Keep at it breathing normally for as long as you can.
  • Shavasna is the easiest of all Yoga postures. Just lie on your back, hands outstretched with palms facing upwards and legs a little spread out. Begin to unwind and relax all your muscles starting from the toes and work your way up to the head. Keep your eyes closed and push out all random thoughts and stress, relaxing almost like a corpse. Not a muscle in your body should be tense until you almost drift off to sleep. Fifteen minutes of this will relax you more than anything else, helping you with the anemia as well.