When to see doctor?

Pneumonia is a life threatening disease and every year, it is responsible for the death of millions of individuals across the world. Thus, if you have any doubts that you may have pneumonia, you should rush to your doctor immediately.

The incidence of Pneumonia is more prevalent in children, older adults and patients suffering from chronic illnesses. The basic understanding of signs and symptoms of Pneumonia goes a long way in successful and quick treatment of the disease. 

In case, you have any of the following symptoms and they remain for long time then you should see your doctor.

                    Cough and Cold due to infection in the upper respiratory tract

                    High Fever with temperature of 102 F or higher for more than one day

                    Sharp and severe chest pain that worsens while coughing or inhaling

                    Breathe Shortness

                    Shaking Chills and Profuse Sweating

                    Overall health gets worsened after catching flu or cold


As children do not develop prominent symptoms of Pneumonia therefore it is essential that you should take your child to the paediatrician immediately if you have even a slight doubt of presence of pneumonia.

Older Adult

You should visit your medical care or hospital on priority basis in case you are an older adult and symptoms of Pneumonia are present. The individuals who are alcoholic or injured; need to seek immediate medical attention as they are more prone to infections in the lungs.

Individuals with weak Immune System

The patients who have weakened immune system due to AIDS, immuno suppressive drugs, chemotherapy, etc are more susceptible to get Pneumonia than otherwise healthy persons. 

Similarly, patients who have other chronic illnesses like Asthma or who need organ transplant or who is under treatment for cancer are more vulnerable to pneumonia.