Viral Causes Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer was predominantly, thought to be a disease caused by internal factors like genetics, diet and physical factors. However, recent studies have suggested that there are many other factors which are responsible for prostate cancer.

One of the most unlikely causes is viral infection. A virus has been found by some researchers in some patients suffering from prostate cancer. This is a cause of concern, as prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer, after skin cancer. This virus is closely related to one which was found in mice.

This cancer virus found in mice has also been detected in many humans suffering from this disease. It has been suggested that this virus plays a crucial role in the initial stages of this disease and also, plays a part in developing the disease into its more deadly forms. This is still being researched and a successful conclusion of this experiment will enable the doctors to differentiate between fast growing tumors which require immediate treatment and slow growing ones that can be left alone for a long time.

It is known that many types of cancers in human beings are caused by virus. Liver cancer can be caused by hepatitis viruses. The virus which is found in cancerous prostate gland cells are known as XMRV or xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus. It is more probable for the virus to be present in the tumors which are more aggressive and have a higher rating of malignancy on the Gleason scale. If proper research is conducted, vaccines, tests and therapies would be developed as soon as possible and millions of men would be spared the agony of suffering this killer disease.

The virus XMRV was present in approximately twenty seven per cent of the cancer cells that were examined. No definite conclusion has been reached yet and the topic is still under research.

Researchers are frantically working day and night to solve this puzzle because; this virus was previously undiscovered in the human body. A lot of research and serious hard work is still required to reach a conclusion about this disease. It has been proved that the XMRV virus is not enhanced by genetic mutation. It has also been suggested that this virus gets conducted from one person to another and spreads quite fast.

Right now, many scientists across the world are working day and night to find out the exact causes that he helps this virus spread from person to person.