The thyroid is usually a small gland situated below your neck on the front just where a bow may rest. It is brownish red in colour supported by lobes on both sides which might look like a butterfly. This can easily weight an ounce. It is the role of a thyroid to actually produce all the hormones in your body.

Hormones make an important contribution by controlling and regulating your body metabolism and growth. The thyroid would need iodine to support and successfully manage all the bodily functions. Metabolism is a chemical combination that takes place in body cells thereby releasing an excessive amount of energy through way of nutrients and proteins.

The rate at which energy is measured and tested in body is called basal metabolic rate or BMR. It is directly related to increase in calories, stress, fear and illness. Hence, the thyroid plays a special role in ensuring you stay fit and fine. The hormones released by thyroids; T4 and T3 stimulates tissues to generate oxygen as well as proteins. The oxygen allows the cells to work harder than required. All these further build up the calcium level thereby regulating everyday requirements. It is difficult to wonder how something as small as a butterfly can manage to control a body’s energy levels.

The cells work on basis of the hormones. You feel energetic and full of energy once your cells start working harder to regulate the necessary calcium. The pituitary glands do play an essential role to control hormones. In all they are all controlled by Hypothalamus. It is really important to consult your doctor if you experience serious body pain and weakness as this is definitely related to your energy levels.

Hormones do control and de-activate your energy levels. Hormones released by Thyroid essentially play a building role during early teens. Your growth and metabolic rate is constantly regulated by thyroid. Nearly 10 milligrams of iodine gets preserved in the thyroid. This is further required to produce hormones in the right quantity. Iodine is a result of elements produced from foods consumed by a human being.

Hence, kids are supposed to be fed iodine or foods in the right quantity. Amino acid called Tyrosine also plays an equally important role in producing hormones. You must scroll through thyroid pictures to actually understand the beauty of this small object. It is obvious to say that small objects have an important role to play.