Thyroid Symptoms in Women

Thyroid is a very common type of hormonal imbalance that is mainly observed in women. However, this disease is misunderstood which leads to mistreatment and misdiagnosis of thyroid symptoms. There are two basic types of this disease. One is hyperthyroidism and second is hypothyroidism. Most of the women experience hypo-thyroid and are recommended medication for that.

Thyroid is just a part, however very significant of the balanced endocrine system. Other way to have a look at this disease is the unbalancing of your endocrine system. There are many patients who are offered synthetic thyroid hormone; however, do not show long lasting results.

Before you look at the thyroid function and thyroid gland one must know that different man-made and natural substances attack thyroid in your routine life. This combination results in the malfunctioning of the endocrine system.

Some of the chemicals that are responsible for this disease include:

  • Sulfa drugs
  • Anti-diabetic drugs
  • Prednisone
  • Lithium
  • Hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills
  • Salicylate and aspirin pain killers
  • Additives used in processed foods

Some of the medically prescribed drugs and alcohol result in the deficiency of vitamin B in your body. This deficiency especially of vitamin B6 decreases the amount of iodine content in your body and thus results in thyroid.

Some of the most common symptoms of thyroid in women include: irregular menstrual cycles which last for many days in women, abnormal weight gain or weight loss, abnormal hair growth below your chin and many other feminine parts of the body such as upper lips etc. most of these thyroid symptoms are due to stressful and busy life. This causes hormonal changes in the body and result in thyroid symptoms.

However, there is no need to worry for this disease as recent medications have shown very good results. A woman experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms can consult a physician to start the treatment. However, you have to take the drugs for long time in order to treat thyroid disease.

So, never neglect if you face any of the thyroid symptoms as many women might find difficulty in conceiving due to this disease. Also if not diagnosed at right time in a pregnant lady it can result in a miscarriage.

Insulin and cortical sex hormones might impact the thyroid function. Some other conditions such as hypoglycemia, fatigue, decreased sex drive and laziness are some of the other thyroid symptoms. So, keep in mind all these symptoms and visit a doctor in case of any dysfunction.

Our food habits are also responsible for this disease. Eating certain vegetables and nuts in large amounts such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, lime beans, sweet potato, pine nuts, walnuts, watercress and almonds also result in low thyroid functioning. Exposure to dietary and environmental compounds such as chlorine, fluorine and bromine result in thyroglobulin functioning.

But one thing is for sure that a doctor would definitely treat this disease in a short span of time by prescribing the lady some medicines.

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