Thyroid Problems

It is a widely known fact that nearly 59% of Americans and an equal percentage of Indians suffer from thyroid problems. This small shaped organ as similar to a butterfly has a whole lot of functions to perform. These functions actually work the structure of an entire body. This gland is located below the neck on the frontal part close to Adams apple. It is very light in weight but has tons of functions to perform.

There are various problems that are associated if your thyroid is not in form. If not diagnosed thyroid problems can lead to depression, anxiety, weight gain, heart disease, hair fall, infertility etc. Hence always remember to go for a complete diagnosis if you undergo any of the following symptoms.

Firstly muscle pain and joint pains are highly associated with thyroid problems. The body goes through a series of muscle and joint pains including swollen legs etc. The other commonly observed symptom or problem would be an enlarged neck. This cause huge discomfort sometimes leads to a hoarse voice. Hence, a thyroid neck test is the ideal solution. The third kind of problem would be changes in hair and skin.

People with thyroid problems often experience hair loss. The hair tends to get dry and brittle. Your skin too becomes dry and rough. Climatic conditions do worsen the situation and hence you would always need to moisturize your skin. Some people with thyroids often face bowel problems which can be constipation, diarrhea, and uneven bowel movements. This is most common with people suffering from hypothyroidism. Thyroid issues are more common with women. Hence menstrual irregularities automatically tend to be associated with women. Some women even face infertility issues. However, that is common in cases of undiagnosed thyroid issues.

Family history also plays a role in your thyroid condition. If you have any of your family members suffering from any of the thyroid issues, you need to pay special attention. Cholesterol issues are also directly related to thyroid problems. Low cholesterol levels may be the main symptom of hyperthyroidism.

The other common problem is depression and anxiety. People suffering from hyperthyroidism often get depressed instantly and feel miserable most of the times. Weight loss and fatigue are other issues related to thyroid problems. The person finds difficulty in putting on weight and looks lethargic. Hence, it is always important to note down your changing symptoms and take precautionary care at the earliest.