Thyroid Gland Functions

The thyroid is an important element of the endocrine gland. This gland will constantly regulate metabolism for the body. This also indirectly plays a role in growing stages of kids from teens to adults. Every physical and internal hormonal change takes place due to thyroid glands.

Hormones are secretes by the glands which further helps in energy production and calcium regulation. It regulates the metabolic rate in a body. It also helps in controlling body temperature and increasing appetite. It also helps in building glucose for energy build-up. It simultaneously helps in production of proteins.

Thyroid glands help in increasing lipolysis and keeping cholesterol level in bay. They also play a role in maintaining necessary cardiac levels in the body. Their job is of extreme importance in infants and kids. The growth of kids is highly dependent on hormone secretion and endocrine glands. The nervous system is also directly related to thyroid glands and its hormone secretion. The skeletal growth and bone density is also determined by thyroid glands. Your muscles growth is also directly related to hormone production. The female production, reproduction, lactation and maturity level is also levied due to hormone secretion. All these meticulous functions are carried out by an organ as small as a butterfly. So how does all this take place at the same time?

The thyroid gland which is situated in the frontal area of your neck is wrapped with a windpipe and has two wings or lobes. The purpose of this gland is to successfully secrete hormones and maintain metabolism throughout the human body.

The thyroid gland also needs the help of hypothalamus gland as well as the pituitary gland to ensure regular output of hormones. Each of the glands produces hormones in different forms. For example TRH is secreted by the Hypothalamus gland, while TSH is secreted by pituitary gland. Both of these combine with thyroid glands to produce T3 and T4 hormones accordingly. Both the hormones send out signals to the pituitary glands that then senses the thyroid to increase or decrease the level of hormone production.

The thyroid also needs to constantly keep the rest of the body in control all the time. However, do remember that a dysfunctional thyroid would often lead to back problems, breathing issues, bloating, depression, weakness and loss of appetite. Hence, kindly get regular check-ups done to manage your body thyroid issues perfectly.