Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer or neoplasm is the cancer of the thyroid gland. Sometimes benign tumors can cause thyroid adenoma in patients causing papillary, anaplastic, medullary and follicular cancer. Patients who suffer from cancer belong to 25-60 years of age. This kind of cancer is also seen in large numbers in US.

However, very few kinds of cancer will result in fatality and that too in smaller numbers. The first responsibility of a patient is to undergo a physical examination of the neck. In case any further abnormalities occur, the doctor needs to be consulted at the earliest.

The doctor might help conduct blood tests or mark the possibility to undergo an ultrasound or a nuclear scan to understand this diagnosis. The endocrinologist will further help to understand the thyroid problems. Both conditions namely hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism will abnormally affect the thyroid glands. The butterfly shaped gland which secretes hormones might suddenly be unable to secrete due to some kind of nodule blockage.

In case your family history shows signs of thyroid disease, you can easily be susceptible to one. You should not be getting over-exposed to radiation in and around your neck. Some of the symptoms of thyroid cancer involve neck pain, stiffness, and presence of lymph nodes, depression and hoarse cord. It usually affects the older generation and hence young people can breathe a sigh of momentary relief. You also need to visit a doctor if the swelling gets worse. The doctor will also check for the kind of cancer through various tests and understand the range or depth involved.

Various treatments include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone treatment, radioactive iodine and surgery. Most often radioactive iodine is sued which will also help to suppress the TSH hormone secretion. Nodules can also be observed in women under the age group of 20 yrs but the chances of it turning benign are very less considering the age and development. In case you observe any of the above symptoms, immediately visit your doctor for a regular check-up. It is always good to go for sudden check-ups once in six months in case your family medical history has any of these symptoms.