What Is Tendonitis?

Many people will not be very familiar to the word tendonitis but for the few who know about it quiet well for them. Tendonitis can occur in different parts of the body like in shoulder, wrists, elbow and other joint areas. Tendonitis occurs when the body tendons get injured or stretched.

There are many tendons i.e. thick chords present inside the body which connect the muscles to the bones. These tendons extract and contract on its own but when they get injured or stretched because of over exertion and use it leads to tendonitis. The main cause of tendonitis could be over stress and exertion of body. It’s generally seen that it takes months for tendonitis to injure the human body.

These small tendons can get injured vey easily and many a times people do not realize that they have got hurt. The repetitive stress moments on the tendon can lead to tendonitis. People can feel the pain of tendonitis during their movements. People can also feel the pain after they lie down after a heavy activity. The actual sensation is very similar to the grinding sensation. The pain is indeed immense as people can also feel a burning sensation.

People who use the computers for hours together are prone to develop wrist tendonitis because they keep on typing at a stretch for hours together. They might feel the similar kind of pain when they are doing other work like writing or washing.

Tendonitis patient must take the right treatment because if tendonitis is not diagnosed at the right time it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs when the nerve of the arm becomes compressed and other things surrounding it disturb the nerves constantly. Tendonitis can be treated with the help of ice cubes or by taking some kind of medicines which can help the pain to subside. There are different treatments available for treating tendonitis and it totally depends on the area it has affected.

Precaution is always better than treatment so it is always better to take the necessary precautions to avoid tendonitis. The best precaution would b to visit a good orthopedic doctor as he will suggest you good medications and give you good treatment. Do not try to take medicines on your own always consult doctors and then under take medicines.

Thus to keep your body safe and healthy make sure you take the necessary precautions so that you can be free from tendonitis.

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