An overactive or underactive thyroid can put in lot of pressure and difficulty for women to conceive. Sometimes thyroid problems also occurs post pregnancy which totally puts a toll on the health of a woman.

Thyroid disorders are the main reason for an infertile lady. Sometimes the symptoms are such that interferes with a smooth child birth. They are the main reasons for a premature labor, fetal abnormalities and stillbirth. The thyroid gland begins to enlarge which puts a strain on the thyroid hormones. Hence it can be concluded that hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are both effectively responsible for problems occurring in a pregnant woman.

Hypothyroidism often affects nearly 1% of all pregnant women. However it puts an equal pressure on men and women both at the same time. Hyperthyroidism on the contrary will depict mild symptoms in women but can cause a lot of pain through miscarriage, abortion, premature labor, delivery, pre-eclampsia, miscarriage. Also the women suffering from hyperthyroidism become pregnant there are additional chances for her undergoing a miscarriage or congenital malformations.

It is always important to diagnose the disease well before understanding the symptoms. Both almost face similar symptoms like vomiting, fast heart beats, excessive sweating, inability to bear heat, nervousness, emotional excitement, etc. Only once the diagnosis have been carried forward that a particular surgery or medication can be advised or conducted.

Nuclear scanning is an important procedure apart from using radioactive elements to destroy the fetal thyroid or the underactive thyroid gland. This usually causes pressure on the mental and physical qualities for the baby and even mother.

Sometimes due to a late detection of thyroids, women often come across a hyperthyroid situation called the thyroid storm. This can be caused while the triggering effect of labor causes some kind of an infection which causes the thyroid hormones to storm out than usual. Hence every diagnosis is important especially for women who are in their reproductive or child bearing age groups.

You can also share your problems with a therapist who might recommend some kind of natural therapy or ayurveda to cool off the pain and discomfort. However, the objective should always be to go for regular check-ups during pregnancy as you will be fully aware of any future inevitable problem.

Thyroid disorders in men and women often create innumerous health problems. Thyroid in women also constitute of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Both their symptoms cause disorders that sometimes get uncontrollable. Most symptoms associated with the thyroid gland needs to be understood well before beginning the procedure of medication. The patient should first visit their family physician that would then connect them either to a therapist or specialized doctor.

Woman often get scared of the kind of treatment procedures that are involved with thyroids. Doctors might suggest either radioactive iodine, replacement of thyroid gland, or a surgery to smoothen things off. However not often do these surgeries put an end to their problems.

Some of the symptoms associated with hyperactive thyroids (hypothyroidism) include feeling depressed most of the time, slow run-down feeling, anxiety, nervousness, backache, uneven concentration, exhaustion, tiredness, slow thinking capacity, constipation, intolerance to cold, unbalanced bowel movements, skin turning rough and dry. Some women also experience harsh cramps and muscle pain due to which they rarely workout in the gyms. Such women should actually switch over to meditation and practicing yoga which can be of a great help. Other issues related to this disorder would be irregularity in menstrual cycle, miscarriage etc.

Hyperthyroidism will also face problems such as excessive sweating, irritation, trembling of hands and legs, nervousness, muscle weakness, low concentration levels, increase in heartbeats, weight loss, loss of appetite, decrease in menstrual flow, irregular periods, brittle and dry skin. It depends on case to case basis and none of them can be considered as a mandatory symptom to understand the possibility of a thyroid gland disorder.

It can only be revealed through a blood test and periodical checking that women face either of these disorders. Also women need to practice to remain happy and mingle with close relatives and friends who would understand their situation. They need to feel chirpy and reveal their problems to their doctor.

Sometimes, women are too scared to go out for the fear of rejection or non-performance. All these can be worked upon if the woman understands the importance of discussing with their concerned doctors. Hence, in case you are a woman and suffer from any of these symptoms kindly get in touch with your doctor immediately and understand the way for a treatment that will enable you to stay focused and concentrate on daily work.

Pregnancy may have some chances of STD with it, if sex before pregnancy was not completely genuine and a virus affected person was there between man and woman. STD is sexually transmitted disease which is being followed by wrong sex ways. Scientifically we may understand it as that this is a transmission of infections organism between sex partners.

Causes of STD in pregnancy:

Well this is not a special condition we are talking about here. But there should be many precautions and cautions for pregnant woman. Some causes may be as if woman is addicted to injections to get high, or she has been finding some way to sex with other guy, some women are not aware about safe sex.

During sex if vulnerable items were left and if those have gone to other woman, then she would also be patient of STD. Transmission of viruses and protozoan is dangerous way to produce STD.

Risk factors:

The risks of this disease are really complex to solve, it would find some complex disease in body of human. Such as you may get-

  • Cervical cancer and any other kind of cancer
  • We me have chronic hepatitis’s kinds of serious disease
  • Cirrhosis is the invention of these kinds of disease
  • We can get any other kinds of complications and more complexity with health


  • Its symptoms are really not defined quickly. You will get some confusion while detecting symptoms of these kinds of disease. These diseases have:
  • Early onset of labor as their main symptoms, if you will not care about your health then this would repeat for many times in a day.
  • Premature rupture may be the big issue in this disease, prematurity can be called as the abnormality in body.
  • Sudden uterine infection late delivery occurred.

Treatment: Doctors say that keep relationships long and secure and monogamous. This might help you to keep away from STD. if a woman is pregnant then be careful about sex, you should keep away with sex while you are a patient of critical allergy or any kind of virus.

Safe sex is very important which helps women from contacting human immunodeficiency virus also known as HIV and other lots of sexually transmitted diseases. It is been medically proven that I most of the cases HIV spreads because of unprotected vaginal or anal sex with infected person.  The relationship in which one partner is HIV positive and the other partner is not is known as “serdiscordant”. There can be lots of issues among “serdiscordant” couples like how to do safe sex? And finding the correct way can be done by taking help of counsellor or through talking with each other.

How HIV spread?

HIV is transmitted through body fluids which includes blood, ejaculate, pre-ejaculate, breast milk and female genital fluids. Virus can enter in the other person’s body either through mucosa or through blood stream.  HIV can also pass from mother to child while pregnancy or breast feeding.

How to do safe sex?

Safe sex can be termed as a sex when the vaginal secretion, blood and semen are not exchanged within sex partners. It is very important for partners to prevent the exchange of these body fluids when either of the partners is HIV infected. The partners should take advice from counselors in order to get best advice however safe sex includes:

  • Women should prefer wear a female condom or the male should wear condom and should use a water based lubricant while having vaginal or anal sex.
  • Oral sex with either woman or man has likely to have low risk of HIV transmission.
  • It is advised not to share sex toys like dildos and couple should have their own collection of sex toys. Partners should consider thorough washing these sex toys with warm soapy water.
  • Masturbation, massage, ejaculating, urinating on unbroken skin, cuddling, kissing and mutual masturbation are considered among safe sex activities.
  • Woman should not rely on withdrawal method as pre ejaculate of an HIV positive partner can transmit HIV to the partner.

The practice of safe sex is more important even if you don’t know whether either of you has HIV as protective sex also help in preventing transmission of other STD.

In clear language STD is sexually transmitted disease which is being followed by wrong sex ways. Scientifically we may understand it as that this is a transmission of infections organism between sex partners. It was just involved by the statics that around 19 million persons are being infected per year.

Causes of STD in women:

STD spreads by bacteria, protozoan, and viruses sometimes by funguses. So here is not any fixed way by which it spreads over humans. There are many of viruses which effects STD in women:

  • Genital warts (basically called as human papillomavirus virus [HPV])
  • Poxvirus (A molluscum contagiousum virus)

Bacteria that affect a person who is having STD as a disease are:

  • Chlamydia trachomatis (Chlamydia)
  • Syphilis (Treponema pallidum)
  • Many more viruses are here which affects a woman when she is having STD as a disease

Risk factors in women:

Risk factors which follow back to women are like having multiple sex partners, having a history of one or more STIs, injecting drugs, by being an adolescent female.

Having multiple sex partners makes a women really serious about STD. If a man is affected by this kind of viruses then there would be a sample virus would have entered into woman’s vagina. This would create more viruses there.

By drugging it costs really high: a woman is being injected by the infected injections, and not aware about the condition which she is going to make there. Then no need to care, she would be a patient of STD.

Symptoms of STD in women:

There are many kinds of symptoms of STD in women. We may categorize them into sections as: gonorrhea symptoms, lymphogranuloma venereum symptoms, syphilis symptoms (these are bacterial infections which all are there to harm you).

Symptoms created by viruses in body are as genital herpes, genital warts, hepatitis, HIV /AIDS, mollscum contagiosum.


If a woman is having STD then he should go for a doctor fast. Because this infection can easily spread to others and sometimes you can have some serious complications. Home treatment is not most recommended in these kinds of cases.

Risk Category of Depression

As such, the exact cause of depression is not yet known; however there are many factors that results in depression in people.

Some of the risk factors comprise of Biological factors, psychological and social factors, lifestyle choices, etc. In fact, there are various stressful life events that can trigger depression.

Risk factors for depression in Men

There are certain risk factors that make a man more vulnerable to depression.

  • Lack of social support
  • Loneliness and lack of friends
  • Inability to deal with stress effectively
  • Childhood trauma or abuse
  • Addiction to alcohol or drug abuse
  • Isolation

Risk factors for depression in Women

There are certain biological and hormonal risk factors that make a woman more vulnerable to depression.

  • Premenstrual problems
  • Pregnancy and infertility
  • Postpartum depression
  • Peri-menopause and menopause
  • Body image issues
  • Harbouring negative feelings

Common Risk factors of Depression

  • Being a woman (as per researchers, women are twice more likely to develop depression than men)
  • Individuals with family history of depression
  • Individuals who have had traumatic childhood experiences
  • Individuals with family history of alcoholism
  • Individuals with biological family members who have had committed suicide
  • Individuals who have faced unfortunate life events
  • Individuals who have few friends
  • Individuals who have had failed personal relationships
  • Postpartum depression in women who have given birth to child recently
  • Individuals with depressed mood as a child
  • Patient suffering from serious illness such as HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease
  • Individuals with low self-esteem
  • Individuals who are self-critical or pessimistic
  • Individuals who are addicted to alcohol, nicotine or illicit drugs
  • Individuals who are poor
  • Individuals who take high blood pressure medications, sleeping pills, etc

Stressful life events that trigger depression

Apart from these risk factors there are various stressful life events that trigger depression in otherwise normal individuals.

  • Failed relationship such as breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Getting failed in exam
  • Illness of near ones
  • Divorce
  • Childhood abuse
  • Job loss
  • Social isolation