Syphilis is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), which is caused by bacterium called Treponema pallidum (sub-species pallidum). It is transmitted when a person has any kind of sexual contact with an infected individual, it can also be transmitted from a pregnant mother to the fetus (unborn child).


In 1901, the German bacteriologist Paul Ehrlich, synthesized Salvarsan , an organic compound of arsenic , designed specifically for the treatment of syphilis and it became one of the first drugs, effective in synthetic cure of infectious diseases . The Salvarsan (and its derivative neosalvarsan) were dropped from 1944, in favor of treatment with penicillin, which is way more effective.

To test the effectiveness of penicillin, during the years 1946 to 1948, the US Government conducted syphilis experiments on citizens of Guatemala and they came up results, which strengthen their belief in penicillin as the right drug for treating this disease.

Today, syphilis is easily cured with antibiotics such as penicillin, during the primary and secondary stages. Penicillin can also be used in the last stage of the disease, but the dosage has to be of g-sodium penicillin, as the sodium will help in diffusing the antibiotic to the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), which is where the bacteria lives, during this last phase.

Sufferers of syphilis should lead a healthy life with a balanced diet and adequate sleep. The bacterium Treponema pallidum is a spirochete and can be treated with benzathine penicillin in the form of intramuscular injection.

The dosage of penicillin depends on the stage of the disease, ranging from a single dose in primary infections to schemes where it is necessary to provide multiple doses of the antibiotic (late syphilis or delayed dormant). Patients who are allergic to penicillin, can opt for other anti-biotic drugs like doxycycline , macrolides or ceftriaxone .

The full form of STD is sexually transmitted disease or also known as STI which mean sexually transmitted infections are those infections or diseases which is transferred from one person to another person through sexual contact.  There are more than 25 diseases which can be transferred through sexual contact.  The most sexually transmitted diseases after HIV are syphilis, genital herpes, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and human papillomavirus.

Young adults and adolescents are those age groups which are at the greatest risk of contacting a sexually transmitted disease.  Some sexually transmitted diseases have severe consequences on women if they are left untreated thus it is necessary to undergo STD test. Sexual transmission disease can be transferred from one partner to another through unprotected oral sex, oral anal sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.

Sexually transmitted diseases:

  • Herpes Virus – Herpes is an STD which does not have cure at present.  The symptoms of herpes virus are soars or blisters that occur in genitals periodically.
  • Syphilis – There is treatment and cure of syphilis available in the market.  Syphilis if left untreated can affect progress and growth of nervous system and brain which can lead to dementia or even death.
  • Pubic Lice – Pubic lice is very common type of STD which is quite similar to head lice.  The symptoms of pubic lice are severe itchy and the treatment for this STD is available.
  • Hepatitis – There is no cure available in medical science for already infected person however there is a vaccine of Hepatitis B available in order to prevent the disease to spread. There is also a possibility of automatic wipe out of symptoms however there may be come people who can suffer from this disease for a prolong period.
  • HIV/AIDS – This is one of the most feared sexually transmitted disease as many people suffering from HIV eventually progress to AIDS and then death however with new way of treatments an infected patient life can be increased.
  • Trichomoniasis – This is also a common type of STD which is also curable however this disease is sometime mistaken as yeast infection leading to intake of wrong type of treatment.

This disease is also a part of sexually transmitted disease that is always caused by bacteria. This disease is responsible to infect some areas of human body, those all comes to be in genital areas. Like as if we are having some itchiness on mouth, lips or on anus area, then we should consider that we are having syphilis. You may get symptoms of syphilis form that person, who is affected by this before. This is a disease which spreads while a breast baby takes milk from her mother’s breasts if she is also infected by this disease.


The early stage of syphilis contains a small sore, sometimes in the favor of pain. That pain is so irritable because if you feel itching on your body then you feel shame while you are standing in public. Some lymph nodes also get affected by this disease, like we may have this disease on our lymph nodes also. If you don’t treat your body in a simple genuine way then you may become a patient of this disease.

You may feel shame when in crowd. Syphilis may be a way of skin rashness. It becomes a part of hands and feet of human body. There are many people who don’t feel symptoms of this disease. They are aware at the stage when this disease at its peak stage.

Many of times its symptoms can go back and can come back also. So this is strictly recommended by the experts to those people who all are having this disease that you should be clean. And you should also try to make your environment clean also.

Risk factors:

The sores happened due to this disease in human may easily go to other humans. Because there is only an easy way by that we can get its symptoms and that also spreads HIV virus to human suddenly. if you are pregnant than syphilis may spread in order by that you can’t manage it easily. It may go to your unborn baby by breast’s milk also. In some least cases this disease is also responsible to happen in other humans easily. Sometimes it may cause to danger health or death.

This should be under controlled. If you are having viruses in your body then you should notice your health soon. You may be a source that is a spreader of this disease easily.


Syphilis’s treatment is not much easy. It has long time to get back in older stage. The most advantageous precaution says that “you should catch its symptoms as early as possible”. If you are in a relationship with someone and being sexually committed, then you should be careful about your relationship. Condom is the easiest way by that we can get back without having a favor of viruses. It helps us to stay away from many of disease like HIV AIDS, protozoan and by some bacteria also.

The best way says that “be ready with precautions, because it is in your hands”.