Rheumatoid arthritis is a systematic and a chronic inflammatory disorder. The organs and tissues may be affected by this condition. Mainly, the synovial joints are attacked. An inflammatory response is produced in the process. There is lot of synovial fluid and a pannus is developed in the synovium. The ankylosis of joints and articular cartilage are destructed by the pathology of this disease.

Diffuse inflammation can also be produced in the pleura, pericardium, sclera and lungs. The exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis is unknown. However, a pivotal role is played by the auto immunity in progression as well as chronicity. Thus, rheumatoid arthritis is considered to be a systematic autoimmune disease.

This condition affects approximately 1 percent of the population. It affects the women three times more than that of men. This condition is very frequent among the age groups of 40 and 50. However, people of all age groups are likely to get affected. The condition is very painful and disabling. This can lead to substantial loss of mobility and functioning if adequate treatment is not done.

The doctor diagnoses the condition on the basis of radiographs, labs, physical exam and symptoms. The rheumatologist performs long term management and diagnosis. He is very expert in bone and joint diseases.

One can choose from various treatments. There are certain non-pharmacological treatments as well. These include orthoses and physical therapy. sometimes nutritional therapy and occupational therapy may also be suggested. Sometimes, the doctor may give anti-inflammatory drugs as well as painkillers including steroids. These are used for the suppression of symptoms.

This help in preventing the long term damage and help in halting the immune process. There has been an emergence of newer groups of biologics. Therefore the treatment options have also increased. Thus effective treatment must be taken.

Arthritis is the most common disease which goes hand in hand along with old age. Arthritis is mostly seen in people above 5o or 60 years of age. This is basically a disease which affects different joints of human body. The symptoms for arthritis disease are seen mostly in people above the age of 50 and it starts with joint pains and swelling. Arthritis today has affected millions of people for various other reasons. People suffering from arthritis indeed have a very miserable life because the pain is tremendous and it makes the person weak and pales. He is not able to work actively and feels like resting frequently.

Osteoarthritis is a very common type of arthritis which is seen in old age while there are some arthritis cases which start at a very early age. Other cases of arthritis are also seen in the age group of 20 years. This type of arthritics affects mostly the joints near hands, hips and spine. Arthritis is indeed very harmful and can have bad effect in the whole of the body. As stated earlier it affects joints where two or more bones meet. The main joint problems in arthritis include stiffness, pain, swelling etc. it weakens all the tissues and bones which makes the bones unstable and incapable to perform any work actively.

Arthritis can severely affect a person’s daily activities like walking, jogging, climbing stairs, brushing teeth i.e. wherever there is need for pressure the joint fail to perform all those duties. As severe case of arthritis is capable enough to damage the other internal parts of the body like lungs, heart, kidneys, blood vessels etc. but apart from all these parts it severely and majorly affects the muscles and bones in the body. Like osteoarthritis severe type of arthritis would be the rheumatoid arthritis. This arthritis badly affects the linings of the cell inside the joint which is called as synoyium. In this type too people suffer from pain and muscle joints, inflammation and impairment of joints.

Apart from the above mentioned types there are other types of arthritis too namely lupus, gout, psoriatic etc. all these types too have its own effect on the human body. The overall affect of arthritis is indeed very bad and those suffering from one must take immense care of themselves so that they don’t suffer and get trouble much.