Crabs are the common name for pubic lice, which are tiny flat-bodied and wingless insects, which live on the skin. They are also called “crabs” because they have “claws” that are used to cling to the hair of a person. They are light brown and are of the size of a pinhead. They feed on the blood of the host organism, but can live up to 24 hours, without consuming blood. Pubic lice infect hairy parts of the body, especially around pubic hair. Small scabs appear at first. Their eggs can be seen in the hair near the skin in the form of small white dots stuck to the hair. The incubation period of eggs is six to eight days.

Anyone can get pubic lice. Usually, though not always, it is transmitted through sexual contact. They can also be transmitted through close personal contact or by using sheets, unwashed clothing or towels of an infected person.

Treatment of Pubic Lice

Pubic lice are treated with creams, lotions, special shampoos that can be purchased at a pharmacy. The pharmacist can recommend the brand. There are pubic lice medicines sold by prescription. It may be necessary to apply these medications more than once. Sometimes, the entire course of the treatment has to be repeated. Even after completing the treatment can be itchy for a while. Sometimes they are difficult to remove with common over the counter medicines and one might need to use certain chemicals with the consultation of a doctor.


If you have pubic lice, avoid close physical contact with others prior to treatment, to prevent passing it to others. Be sure to wash your clothes and linens in hot water or dry clean them and iron them with a hot iron. This will kill the insects and their eggs.

Often, it is suggested that shaving the pubic hair is the best way to prevent occurrence of pubic lice or crabs.

The full form of STD is sexually transmitted disease or also known as STI which mean sexually transmitted infections are those infections or diseases which is transferred from one person to another person through sexual contact.  There are more than 25 diseases which can be transferred through sexual contact.  The most sexually transmitted diseases after HIV are syphilis, genital herpes, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and human papillomavirus.

Young adults and adolescents are those age groups which are at the greatest risk of contacting a sexually transmitted disease.  Some sexually transmitted diseases have severe consequences on women if they are left untreated thus it is necessary to undergo STD test. Sexual transmission disease can be transferred from one partner to another through unprotected oral sex, oral anal sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.

Sexually transmitted diseases:

  • Herpes Virus – Herpes is an STD which does not have cure at present.  The symptoms of herpes virus are soars or blisters that occur in genitals periodically.
  • Syphilis – There is treatment and cure of syphilis available in the market.  Syphilis if left untreated can affect progress and growth of nervous system and brain which can lead to dementia or even death.
  • Pubic Lice – Pubic lice is very common type of STD which is quite similar to head lice.  The symptoms of pubic lice are severe itchy and the treatment for this STD is available.
  • Hepatitis – There is no cure available in medical science for already infected person however there is a vaccine of Hepatitis B available in order to prevent the disease to spread. There is also a possibility of automatic wipe out of symptoms however there may be come people who can suffer from this disease for a prolong period.
  • HIV/AIDS – This is one of the most feared sexually transmitted disease as many people suffering from HIV eventually progress to AIDS and then death however with new way of treatments an infected patient life can be increased.
  • Trichomoniasis – This is also a common type of STD which is also curable however this disease is sometime mistaken as yeast infection leading to intake of wrong type of treatment.

Pubic Lice is a disease which should be considered as the weird most disease is world. If you are really beautiful and don’t care about your face, then you are against Pubic Lice.

It is nothing but a small creature with having six-legs. This is mostly responsible for infest hair in the public are of a human. Whether these are not stopped here, it can spread over other human body parts, where we are having hair. In most of the cases Public Lice are transmitted via human hair from one to another. And it was not known while we were in touch even with together. It has not a mutual way by that it can transmit over you. It can spread via infested clothing, towels and by other usages of human like bedding, sofa-sets also.

Typically Pubic Lice don’t spread out of home, if you maintain cleanliness of your home. Then you shouldn’t care for your house. It is now secured from Pubic Lice. But if a person in our house is infected by Pubic Lice, then it should be noticed that he shouldn’t be in contact with the non-infected person. We should maintain ourselves by having precautions.


Sometimes it is possible that a person nearer by you is having Pubic Lice. And you are not aware about this disease. Then there should be a responsibility of that person to feel something about this disease. Because firstly this disease is over spreader by itching, that means to be simple itching. You may feel normal itching, but by the time passes it spreads in order to non-managed. This nightmare may become true in the dark night. It gets worst in night. These bugs come on the skin of a person. It starts biting to get blood for its own health.

Sometimes it is harder to maintain the itchiness of a Pubic Lice bug. This may go rise to burning and inflaming. These are there on the skin with having dangerous saliva, when we do itching. Then its saliva gets entry to our skin rashes.

In young children public saliva is also responsible to make ruff to their eyelids. It makes them irritate about each thing for that they are non-secured this may not noticed in early time by the children.


The main cause of this disease is wet things around us. If we maintain cleanliness around us then we can make clean environment too. This helps us to stay away from each disease. First thing is to be noticed is that make a distance form that person who is having this disease. Now you are there to help him/her by maintaining cleanliness. You should use antibiotic for a home.

While this is a disease which spreads by unsafe sexual relationships, so we should use condoms while having sex with our partner. This is duty not a precaution which we follow then. We are not aware about this disease that is its advantage.