Hypothyroidism is most common amongst woman during the early stages of pregnancy. This is caused due to deficiency in hormone secretion. Most importantly, this particular disorder causes menstrual problems, loss of periods, irregularity etc.

Once hypothyroidism becomes serious, it also curbs in the process of fertility. The woman has less chances of getting pregnant. In case of early detection an underactive thyroid will easily be treated with the help of either a hormone replacement or with iodine therapy. Most of the symptoms of thyroid get often confused and mixed with pregnancy symptoms. This leads to non-diagnosis of patients.

Some of the most common symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, nervousness, nausea, weight loss, heat intolerance, over-eating etc. Pregnant women need to go for a complete diagnosis as all these symptoms can certainly not be avoided. In case it is not diagnosed or detected it can cause problems to the mother and baby. This often leads to miscarriages and other serious defects.

The safest drug for pregnant women will be propylthiouracil, antithyroid medications both of which need to be taken under doctor’s recommendations. However, over-dosage of both of these medications can also put a lot of pressure as it might lead to hypothyroidism in both the baby as well as mother.  This is the reason doctor’s advice patients to take medications in a particular dosage. In other cases anti-thyroid drugs can also cause certain allergies which can get very intolerable.

The best solution for pregnant women will be to opt for radioactive iodine which will help to kill the thyroid completely with the help of radioactivity. And most often inflammation of thyroid gland can easily interfere with the thyroid function. This will put a lot of unnecessary damage to the body.

Most often postpartum thyroiditis resolves as early as in the first four months. If they get resolved treatment or surgery will not be recommended. Women will also have to remember to consult a doctor or relative if they undergo any unusual symptom. Also, patients can read other procedures and medications conducted on other patients which will keep them at ease. And also always research about the various do’s and don’ts signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy may have some chances of STD with it, if sex before pregnancy was not completely genuine and a virus affected person was there between man and woman. STD is sexually transmitted disease which is being followed by wrong sex ways. Scientifically we may understand it as that this is a transmission of infections organism between sex partners.

Causes of STD in pregnancy:

Well this is not a special condition we are talking about here. But there should be many precautions and cautions for pregnant woman. Some causes may be as if woman is addicted to injections to get high, or she has been finding some way to sex with other guy, some women are not aware about safe sex.

During sex if vulnerable items were left and if those have gone to other woman, then she would also be patient of STD. Transmission of viruses and protozoan is dangerous way to produce STD.

Risk factors:

The risks of this disease are really complex to solve, it would find some complex disease in body of human. Such as you may get-

  • Cervical cancer and any other kind of cancer
  • We me have chronic hepatitis’s kinds of serious disease
  • Cirrhosis is the invention of these kinds of disease
  • We can get any other kinds of complications and more complexity with health


  • Its symptoms are really not defined quickly. You will get some confusion while detecting symptoms of these kinds of disease. These diseases have:
  • Early onset of labor as their main symptoms, if you will not care about your health then this would repeat for many times in a day.
  • Premature rupture may be the big issue in this disease, prematurity can be called as the abnormality in body.
  • Sudden uterine infection late delivery occurred.

Treatment: Doctors say that keep relationships long and secure and monogamous. This might help you to keep away from STD. if a woman is pregnant then be careful about sex, you should keep away with sex while you are a patient of critical allergy or any kind of virus.


The mono virus can affect young children and adults as well, and mostly pregnant woman are also at risk of suffering from mono. Pregnant woman are often very worried when diagnosed with mono. Mono might affect the fetus’s health. This is danger for baby.


According to the latest research from the American college of obstetrics and gynecology, mono does not causes an increased risk of miscarriage or birth defects for pregnant woman who are infected.


In the majority of causes, the symptoms are mild. Many people experience swollen lymph nodes; fever and sore throat fatigue is also a problem, which results from both the mono and the symptoms of pregnancy.

Fever- high fevers do needs to be controlled, as extremely high fever can pose some danger to the baby. Dehydration from fevers and lack of appetite must also be avoided. This particularly important in pregnancy to ensure that baby is getting all the fluids he needs.

Tips for coping with Mono during pregnancy

  • Medical help- there is no cure for mono. Serious complications from mono usually only occur in individuals who already have an underlying medical condition. You can ask your medical practitioner for advice about treatments for mono symptoms that are safe to use in pregnancy.
  • Eat well- it is hard to follow this advice when mono causes decreased appetite. You need nutrition for you and the fetus. Fruit and protein shakes can be good way to improve your nutritional intake.
  • Extra rest- resting is best way to treat mono.