People suffering from arthritis often fall into the cycle of pain, stress and depression as the inflammation and the pain goes beyond the physical aspect and start affecting the person psychologically too. A study has shown that Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is quite effective in helping with arthritis. This is primarily a meditation where the participant is taught to work on his or her emotions and thoughts differently, primarily focus on the present and get away from the negative thought process that the pain incurs.


Four Techniques for Meditating

Meditating is no magic and it will take time in helping a person suffering from arthritis pain to reap the benefits of meditation. Here are four simple techniques to start.

  • Keep it brief – It is difficult to meditate an hour each day when one is starting, so instead of that, try to meditate for five to ten minutes at a stretch in-between work while taking a break. In total try to make it up to one hour per day, short time span in meditating has the same effect as done at one stretch.
  • Be consistent – Set a schedule for meditating, to achieve the result it has to be done consistently. If the idea of meditating everyday is overwhelming, try to do it every alternate day, also try to maintain the same time span for meditation. Doing it irregularly and not having the same time span will not help in achieving the result, so set the schedule that you can follow in the long-term.
  • Go for active meditating – It is difficult to get the time to sit in a lotus position and do the meditation and for many arthritic patients sitting in that particular posture is difficult and might be even impossible. So instead of that try to do active meditation, that is just try to tune into your surroundings by taking in deep slow breaths, get the feel and the smell of the things around you and start your meditation, focusing on yourself and your energy.
  • Maintain your focus -While meditating maintain your focus, so stop thinking about what you have to do or on the series of thoughts that is nagging in your mind, start focusing on one thing in particular, something specific that is soothing to you and gives you peace. Focus your attention to something positive to get a good result out of your meditation.

Arthritic patients who do meditate regularly have less depression and psychological distress caused due to the arthritic pain and MBSR works well with conventional pharmacological and physical therapy.