Lupus is an immune disease which attacks many people. Lupus is a disease which kills all healthy tissues and cells in the body apart from the normal bacteria the body kills. Many people are not very sure about the cause of lupus but one can find lupus in women between the age group of 15 to 44 and apart from women lupus can occur in teenage, children and men too. People who are fair tend to suffer from lupus and it is indeed very easy to spot the signs of lupus.

The most common symptoms of lupus are:-

  • Stiffness and pain in joints
  • Rashes on skin and face. Sores in mouth
  • Lots of hair loss
  • Inflammation of the kidneys
  • Lupus can cause heart attacks too
  • It causes chest pains
  • Lupus can be a very dangerous disease as it also creates breathing and other respiratory problems
  • People also suffer from anxiety and depression during lupus

The above mentioned cause very clearly states that lupus can be very difficult and person suffering from lupus is very much close to death. There are mainly 4 types of lupus and the cause of each type is very much similar to each other.

The four types of lupus namely are:

  • Systematic lupus erythematosus- it is a kind of lupus found in all parts of the body
  • Discoid lupus erythematosus- this lupus generally occurs in skin and mouth. People experience rashes and their skin becomes itchy.
  • Drug induced lupus erythematosus- this type of lupus does not damage your internal systems and can be cured if proper medication is taken for a specific period.
  • Neonatal lupus- this type of lupus affects infants with skin rashes, liver problems, low blood cell counts etc. this kind of lupus is very uncommon and is seen in very rare cases. It’s seen that pregnant ladies who suffer from this type of lupus deliver healthy babies. So one need not worry about it too much.

As stated above lupus can be both dangerous and safe but for being safe one must take proper treatment. As that is very essential. Having lupus is very bad and difficult but if you take the right treatment and care no disease can take over your body. All you need to do is approach a good doctor and take proper care of yourself. Hence keep your body safe and take good precautions to protect it from lupus.

Arthritis is the most common disease which goes hand in hand along with old age. Arthritis is mostly seen in people above 5o or 60 years of age. This is basically a disease which affects different joints of human body. The symptoms for arthritis disease are seen mostly in people above the age of 50 and it starts with joint pains and swelling. Arthritis today has affected millions of people for various other reasons. People suffering from arthritis indeed have a very miserable life because the pain is tremendous and it makes the person weak and pales. He is not able to work actively and feels like resting frequently.

Osteoarthritis is a very common type of arthritis which is seen in old age while there are some arthritis cases which start at a very early age. Other cases of arthritis are also seen in the age group of 20 years. This type of arthritics affects mostly the joints near hands, hips and spine. Arthritis is indeed very harmful and can have bad effect in the whole of the body. As stated earlier it affects joints where two or more bones meet. The main joint problems in arthritis include stiffness, pain, swelling etc. it weakens all the tissues and bones which makes the bones unstable and incapable to perform any work actively.

Arthritis can severely affect a person’s daily activities like walking, jogging, climbing stairs, brushing teeth i.e. wherever there is need for pressure the joint fail to perform all those duties. As severe case of arthritis is capable enough to damage the other internal parts of the body like lungs, heart, kidneys, blood vessels etc. but apart from all these parts it severely and majorly affects the muscles and bones in the body. Like osteoarthritis severe type of arthritis would be the rheumatoid arthritis. This arthritis badly affects the linings of the cell inside the joint which is called as synoyium. In this type too people suffer from pain and muscle joints, inflammation and impairment of joints.

Apart from the above mentioned types there are other types of arthritis too namely lupus, gout, psoriatic etc. all these types too have its own effect on the human body. The overall affect of arthritis is indeed very bad and those suffering from one must take immense care of themselves so that they don’t suffer and get trouble much.