An overactive or underactive thyroid can put in lot of pressure and difficulty for women to conceive. Sometimes thyroid problems also occurs post pregnancy which totally puts a toll on the health of a woman.

Thyroid disorders are the main reason for an infertile lady. Sometimes the symptoms are such that interferes with a smooth child birth. They are the main reasons for a premature labor, fetal abnormalities and stillbirth. The thyroid gland begins to enlarge which puts a strain on the thyroid hormones. Hence it can be concluded that hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are both effectively responsible for problems occurring in a pregnant woman.

Hypothyroidism often affects nearly 1% of all pregnant women. However it puts an equal pressure on men and women both at the same time. Hyperthyroidism on the contrary will depict mild symptoms in women but can cause a lot of pain through miscarriage, abortion, premature labor, delivery, pre-eclampsia, miscarriage. Also the women suffering from hyperthyroidism become pregnant there are additional chances for her undergoing a miscarriage or congenital malformations.

It is always important to diagnose the disease well before understanding the symptoms. Both almost face similar symptoms like vomiting, fast heart beats, excessive sweating, inability to bear heat, nervousness, emotional excitement, etc. Only once the diagnosis have been carried forward that a particular surgery or medication can be advised or conducted.

Nuclear scanning is an important procedure apart from using radioactive elements to destroy the fetal thyroid or the underactive thyroid gland. This usually causes pressure on the mental and physical qualities for the baby and even mother.

Sometimes due to a late detection of thyroids, women often come across a hyperthyroid situation called the thyroid storm. This can be caused while the triggering effect of labor causes some kind of an infection which causes the thyroid hormones to storm out than usual. Hence every diagnosis is important especially for women who are in their reproductive or child bearing age groups.

You can also share your problems with a therapist who might recommend some kind of natural therapy or ayurveda to cool off the pain and discomfort. However, the objective should always be to go for regular check-ups during pregnancy as you will be fully aware of any future inevitable problem.

STD and infertility is the big issue to be noticed by the people. Normally we can see here that over 65 % million of peoples in United States are having STD as their disease. Because of infertility is increasing that is why we should all be careful about our own sexual health. however if you are having problems in your pregnancy so this is due to those moments which you spent while you were having sex, you should monitor your health of sex.

Cause of infertility:

Infertility is the outcome of bad sex or we can say that this is the kind of sex which was happened while sex partners were full of allergy and viruses. Many of times that has been noticed that people who didn’t care for their sexual life in their childhood, they all faced infertility in their future days.  STD helps viruses to increase infertility in a person.

Some many other reasons may be here as:

  • Anal intercourse (mode of transmission while having sex)
  • Oral intercourse (intercourse without doing sex  )
  • Some other reasons may be as sexual petting with mutual masturbation
  • If you be in contact with lesions or broken skin, then it may leads to STDs in a person who is not affected still by it.

Risk factors:

Risk factors of infertility leads to Chlamydia, this is a kind of silent disease. At least 75% percents of people are affected by it, and more than half women and men don’t know that they have this disease. Because they don’t feel any symptom, this disease leads to infertility.


Doctors say that keep relationships long and secure and monogamous. This might help you to keep away from STDs and infertility. You should aware about sex phobias, because your future is not secure if you are not sexually strong.