One of the important components in the diet is calcium as a very important nutrient of the body. Not having the right amount of calcium in the diet can cause multiple deficiencies and can even lead to the arthritic condition called osteoporosis. Research has shown that arthritis progresses faster in people with low calcium content. Also it must be added that Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium, hence sunbathing helps in alleviating arthritis pain.


Amount of Calcium intake for Arthritis Patients

Females around and above 50 years old should have 1200 milligram to 2000 milligram of calcium each day. Males of the same age can have anything from 1000 milligram to 2000 milligram of calcium per day. A younger person should intake at least 1000 milligram per day.

Foods having Calcium High Content

Low fat milk, leafy green vegetables, orange juices fortified with calcium, cheese, yogurt, tofu, blackeye peas, cereal and wheat flour, rains, almonds and figs. If your diet does not have enough calcium content, one should start taking calcium supplement.

Curing Osteoporosis with Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium to the body, so while taking calcium one should start their intake of vitamin D. Here is a list of things that are rich with Vitamin D – Egg yolks, fish and a daily dose of 15 to 20 minutes exposure to sun.

Estrogen too helps in absorption of calcium, after menopause women suffering from osteoporosis have lower levels of Estrogen hence a drop in calcium level, increasing the arthritis condition.

What Causes Decrease in Calcium Absorption

Patients with osteoporosis also might suffer from asthama, psoriasis arthritis, diarrhea, and medications for all these conditions often leads to reduction of the absorption capacity of calcium in one’s body. Even presence of phytates, Oxalic acid, dietary fiber decreases calcium absorption and it gets worse if one drinks too much of tea.