Subacute Thyroiditis

Subacute Thyroiditis is a viral inflammation of your thyroid which can be further instigated by a swelling and illness. Sometimes this condition leads to unnecessary leakage of the thyroid hormones which then circulates throughout the body.

The initial symptoms include deep pain in the neck as well as towards the jaw and ears. There would be an occurrence of fever from 37.8 and 38.3 degree. There would be an intense neck pain which will be accompanied for a long time. Sometimes pain also takes the form of a dental pain or otitis and once you swallow food or turn your head this pain further aggravates into a severe pain. This happens as hormone gets released from most follicular cells.

Thyroid disorders often make a patient extremely lethargic and weak. The person would hardly be in a position to chat or work. The physical condition of patients during this period is also very tender. So how basically will you come to know about this problem?

Firstly a clinical diagnosis will help understand the hormone secretion level. In some cases and ESR or radioactive iodine intake level needs to be checked too. All these can be done at a reputed thyroid center or clinic by a recognized doctor. This is also figured by locating the enlarged thyroid and understanding the patient’s medical history.

Most patients will have to get the TSH and T4 hormones levels checked too. Sometimes when the diagnosis is unable to predict any outcomes, the needle biopsy is also extremely needed. The ultrasonography of thyroid with Doopler will also indicate the reduced flow of blood as compared to the increase inGraves’s disorder. Lab tests will depict the increase in T4 and T3 hormones. This condition usually takes couple of months to subside and patients suffering from hypothyroidism will often be subjected to the same.

Certain medications include NSAIDs , corticosteroids and high doses of aspirin. However all these treatments are decided after diagnosing a person completely? Hyperthyroid patients can find some symptoms but will be cured during a particular period. It is only with hypothyroid patients that take immense amount of time and hormone replacement therapy that would be instantly needed. Hence, all it takes is a complete study about all possible thyroid disorders or consult a recognized physician who will solve most of your queries. Also if possible read methods used by patients in the past which must resulted in some kind of peace.