STD Treatment Antibiotics

STD or sexually transmitted diseases as the name suggests are those diseases which is transmitted from one person to another due to unprotected sex. There are many diseases which can be sexually transmitted from one person to another and so are the treatments. The treatment is given as per the disease.  Following are some of the sexually transmitted disease and their treatments:

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea – These sexually transmitted diseases are treated with antibiotics.  The infected person is immediately put on these antibiotics once the symptoms are confirmed. It is advised that the infected person should also be put on these antibiotics regardless of symptoms as there is a high probability that the person can also have risk of contacting these STD’s. The bacteria of gonorrhea can become resistant to one drug thus the infected person has to take more than one drug to fight with this disease.

Genital herpes – once the person is infected with genital herpes than the virus of this sexually transmitted disease remains in the body forever. The herpes may occur several times in a person’s body after the first outbreak.  The infected person is given antibiotics like valtrex, famvir and zovirax in order to reduce the severity and length of outbreaks. The person suffering from frequent outbreak can also be given suppressive therapy in which the patient is given medicine to prevent any further outbreak.

Syphilis – in case of syphilis the infected person is given penicillin. The early treatment of this disease is very important in order to prevent the virus of this disease to spread and doing damage to other organs.

HIV/AIDS – As we all know that AIDS is not a curable disease till now thus the treatment given in this disease is to keep the HIV levels under control. The infected person is given antiretroviral drugs which are considered as standard therapy for HIV/AIDS and usually the person is given several antibiotics to fight with HIV/AIDS.

Trichomoniasis – This disease is caused due to organism which is treated with metronidazole antibiotic.  The drug is taken in the body orally however women who are in their first three month of pregnancy are prescribed a cream which needs to be inserted in the vagina.