STD Statistics

STD is sexually transmitted disease which is being followed by wrong sex ways. Scientifically we may understand it as that this is a transmission of infections organism between sex partners. Here just around 20 types of STD have been found between sexual transmissions. It was just involved by the statics that around 19 million persons are being infected per year. STD among teens is increasing in order to epidemic proportions.

Here we may see what the statics say about the STD in persons:

  • This disease was come in existence in 1960, from that age it was called as STD (sexually transmitted diseases).
  • At least 25% of adults are still in net of this disease.
  • This disease is being followed by some adults Americans, according to statics it was explored that at least a one in each 5 Americans this disease is edge of other diseases.
  • The age of each American is noticed around over 12 to 15.
  • According to these statics it is 500% increased since the year 1976.
  • Some researchers showed that how the 46% of teenage girls are not aware about this disease. This is really serious mark of sexuality.
  • Each year HPV is responsible for a death of 5000 women in a year.
  • In present time some awareness is there with the people, and in 85% of peoples these symptoms were not shown.

In United States, the number of persons affected by STD (statistics say):

  • Form the viruses and bacteria: number of people affected by Chlamydia = 40 million
  • Due to trichomoniasis = over 3 million peoples were affected.
  • Gonorrhea= over 1.1 million of peoples were affected.
  • Hepatitis B affected around 300000 peoples.
  • Whether syphilis was responsible for 120000, who got affected by this disease

Statistics worldwide:

one if five people in the united states was found as a patient of STD. 2/3 of 25 age’s persons are under covered by STD, hepatitis B is now 100 times more than HIV.

So these are statics in short, say about the health tables over many years we spent.