Sinus Symptoms

Now-a-days many people have sinus infection. Although there are many causes for this problem but the infection is mostly due to pollution. In this article are discussed some of the sinus symptoms to let people know about this disease.

There are many people who often confuse the sinus symptoms with cold or allergy to something. However, the symptoms of sinus are quite similar and sometimes even the same. Let us see some of the sinus symptoms:

  • Yellowish mucous: This is a very common symptom of sinus. In this the infected person spits yellow mucous very frequently. However, it is not at all a serious issue as this infection can be easily cured by some home care. There is no need to take any drugs or antibiotics as this might worsen the condition.
  • Headache: This is also a possible symptom of sinus. Many people experience this problem when have sinus infection. However, the headache can also be due to any other reason. So, it cannot always be assumed that you have sinus infection when you face this problem.
  • Stuffy nose: The nose gets blocked as due to sinus infection the fluids cannot be removed from it. This also results in suffocation as the infected person is not able to breathe properly. However, the problem can be resolved to certain extent by drinking plenty of fluids so as to thin the sinus fluids.
  • Sore or irritated throat: Many people have sore throat due to sinus infection. The problem is not so serious and one can take certain precautions to get rid of this. So, home care is the best remedy to deal with sinus infection.
  • Coughing and sneezing: This happens with every person who has sinus infection. These people mostly sneeze when they wake up in the morning.
  • Bad breath: This is mostly due to nose blockage. The person feels very uncomfortable in this situation.
  • Loss of taste and smell: This is also a temporary problem which would automatically get resolved once the sinus infection gets away.
  • Fever and fatigue: Sometimes the infected person can also get fever due to cold and sinus infection.

The most effective solution to all sinus symptoms is gargle with some lukewarm salt water. Gargle gently 2-3 times a day and you would definitely feel better. Suppose, you get relieved in one or days then mind it is sinusitis or inflamed sinuses that occurs due to pollutants, smog, smoke, chemicals and other factors.

At the same time, do not neglect any of these symptoms and consult a doctor in case the symptoms last for long. Remember that antibiotics are a solution to sinus infection. It is better to follow home remedies to overcome this problem. Try some of the natural treatments and get rid of this infection. Homeopathic treatments have also shown effective results in overcoming sinus infection.

So, do not worry in case you see any of the above symptoms and consult a doctor to clear all your confusions.

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