Arthritis Self Treatment

Arthritis is a painful condition and even though it is always advisable to contact a doctor before it is too late, there are some self treatment that one can indulge in to lessen the pain and improve on the arthritic condition. Here is a small list of to-do self treatment list.


  • Protect the joints – Once you know you are suffering from arthritis, try to avoid overworking of the joints that are already affected in everyday life.
  • Exercise – Start your exercise and do it regularly to increase the flexibility of the muscles and increase the endurance around the areas of the joints so that there is less stress on the joints.
  • Try to forget the pain – Indulge into activities that would help you to forget the persisting pain caused by arthritis, mainly music helps a lot, it is soothing and relaxing.
  • Go for orange – Feeling hungry, go for an orange as it is full of vitamin C and is good for patients with osteoarthritis.
  • Know the drugs – Researches on arthritis is developing so is the number of drugs for arthritis, mainly for people suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. If the medicine that you are using is not effective enough talk to your doctor, go for other drug options.
  • Learn about your arthritis: There are over 100 types of arthritis, research and learn the kind that you are suffering from, this will help you to work accordingly and develop a realistic approach towards the condition.
  • Playing in dirt is good: Get the seeds or saplings of the vegetables that you like and start digging your garden to plant them. Digging the dirt helps in exercising of the sore hands and in the market arthritis-friendly garden tools are available.
  • Laughing is good – Start reading books or jokes or go out with friends to have a good laugh. Laughing is not only therapeutic, but it also helps in releasing tension and stress and relieves the pain as it boosts the immune system. If you can only giggle join a laughing yoga class.
  • Take the dip in the water – Exercising in water is good, it helps in building strength as well as swimming is a good workout for the entire body muscle and joints. Patients with arthritis on knees and ankles, for them water walking is a good exercise.
  • Use a pack or massage – When the swelling is painful and gets hot, use a cold pack. Also those suffering from osteoarthritis can massage oil on the area. However, not everyone can use hot or cold pack, physical and medical condition are to be taken into consideration for that.
  • Go for the comfy shoes – Heels are alluring but comfortable pumps are good too. Go for shoes that have enough toe space and do not squeeze your bunions.
  • Kick the butt – Well taking a hike or a walk is a good way to work out, but before that quit the habit of smoking and bid adieu to that, as it only will aggravate the arthritic problems and the pains.
  • Eat right – Stop the junk food and got for nutritional diet that is less spicy, has less sugar and is balanced.
  • Get pampered – Having a good half an hour warm bath with sea salt will help to ease the pain and during the winter times massage your body with sesame oil and keep the body warm. Also find a certified masseuse to get a good rub on the muscles , which will help you to relax and ease the pain.

Some of these few simple self treatment can help an arthritic patient to suffer less.