How to do Self Care for Children in Pneumonia?

Once your child gets discharged from the hospital after being treated with Pneumonia, you may continue with his/her treatment to ensure that your kid makes speedy recovery at home.

The treatment at hospital improves the symptoms like fever and breathing; and your child receives enough liquids and nutrition.

Self Care at Home

At home, Kids will still have few symptoms of pneumonia and thus it is crucial to practise proper self care for ensuring that your kid will get healthy soon.

It takes time to recover completely and resume all the normal activities. Usually the symptoms get better over a period of few weeks.

Coughing of your child will improve over one to 2 weeks

Your child Sleep and eating will return to normal level in one week

For few days, you need to take leave from your work to take care of your child. Your child may need to skip school for one week.

Useful Tips for Self Care in Pneumonia

                    You should give proper attention to your child needs and monitor his/her progress at regular intervals.

                    You may practise chest therapy on your child at home to improve his/her breathing and loosening mucus. The warm and moist (wet) air helps in breathing easily.

                    You should keep a warm and wet piece of cloth loosely over your child face. You can fill a humidifier with warm water and allow your child to breathe in the warm mist.

                    You should encourage your child to practise deep breathing regularly as it will help in opening up the lungs for easy breathing. Also ask your child to practise deep coughing as it leads to cleaning of the airways.

                    You can make your child lie on the bed with head lower than chest. Follow this with slowly tapping of your child’s chest couple of times. It assists in expelling the mucus from the lungs.

                    You should encourage your child to drink plenty of liquids, fluids, water, juice, warm tea, lemonade, etc.

If your child is younger than 12 months, you should feed him/her with breast milk

If your child is older than 12 months, you should feed him/her whole milk.

                    Maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your house and especially in your child room

                    Don’t allow others to touch your child without washing their hands thoroughly with soap.


Medicines and Basic Hygiene

                    You should ensure that your child is taking his/her medicines regularly. Always consult a doctor before giving any cough medicine or cold medicine to your child.

                    In case your child is experiencing mild pain, you should consult your doctor before giving any pain killer like ibuprofen for treating mild fever or pain.

                    Consult with your doctor if your child can be given a flu shot or receive vaccines for pneumonia.

                    Teach your child to maintain strict basic hygiene. Ask him/her to wash hands frequently to avoid getting any infection.

                    Avoid taking your child to crowded places and do not allow your child to get in contact with infected or sick people.