About Scoliosis And Its Types

A lateral curvature of a spine is generally termed as scoliosis. Most of the people are not familiar with this disorder and hence hardly know any details about it. Scoliosis basically consists of many types and each type requires different type of approach treatment and diagnosis. Those suffering from scoliosis must take immediate treatment from a good doctor who has complete knowledge about the disorder. An osteopath is the right person who can guide patients having this disorder.

There are many types of scoliosis namely

Idiopathic scoliosis

It is the most problematic scoliosis because the cause of it is not known to anyone. It is very dangerous and has the power to affect the intestines, heart and lungs. This can start from early childhood and hence proves to be very dangerous.

Compensatory scoliosis

It is a condition where the spine is not affected however if the disorder affects other parts of the body it relatively have an effect on the spine. This state cause tilted pelvis and deformity in hips. The compensatory scoliosis is indeed very difficult to cure due to which it can take many years.

Secondary scoliosis

This type is secondary to conditions like cerebral palsy and poliomyelitis. This type is not very dangerous and can be easily cured with the help of proper medication and diagnosis. It normally disappears after a certain period of time.

For treating scoliosis there are excellent osteopaths who are very skilled in this field as they can understand the nature of the disorder. After the osteopath clearly examines the patients he prescribes certain routine which depends upon the nature and ability of the patient. He mostly suggests good exercises so that patient gains good relief from the pain and burden of scoliosis. Hence to love a healthy life make sure you take proper treatment which has been suggested by the osteopath.