Scabies Treatment l Treatment For Scabies

Scabies is a parasitic infection related to skin and is commonly caused by one of the species of mites known as Sarcoptes scabiei.These mites bury themselves in very topmost layer of the human skin and there they lay eggs and they can’t be seen with the help of human eye.

An infestation of these mites into the skin produces itching on the skin and the person infested can develop blisters as well as postules on palms of the hands and these blisters are common in babies or young children. Infections of scabies occur globally and are common these days. Around 300 million cases of scabies occur every year.

Infections can happen in both men and women and includes all socio economic classes as well as all groups. The infection of scabies are very contagious and spread most easily in crowded areas where there is a close contact such as in prisons, daycare centers, nursing homes, hospitals etc.It can occur in ever growing population of homeless people.

Scabies can get spread through sexual contact and is considered as sexually transmitted disease. A dense infestation of scabies is called Crusted scabies because of thick skin crusted over and consists of large numbers of mites and scabies as well as eggs.

Sometimes they reach up to two million in patients leading to a major crisis situation. Scabies is also called by other names such as Mange, Itch Mite & 7 year itch and is also referred as Norwegian scabies. A proper consultation of doctor is required in case of suffering from scabies. Removal of mites with medication as well as their removal in bedding and clothes is important. All bedding linens, towels and clothes are required to be washed in hot water and dried with dry heat. The items that can not be washed can be stored in zip up plastic bags and placed out of the way for some weeks. This will starve and kill the mites.

One cream called Elimite should be applied from the neck down and left on overnight.

The Lindane is also available as a lotion,cream and shampoo.The Crotamiton lotion is 10% cream known as Eurax,Crotan is another treatment for scabies.