Sarcoidosis – Symptoms

Sarcoidosis is a disease which is not very dangerous in one hand and while on the other is a disease which cannot be neglected. Sarcoidosis can sometimes heal faster and can sometimes act chronic. One cannot decide at the initial stage whether Sarcoidosis is mild or chronic. The initial symptoms of Sarcoidosis can be skin change or skin growth or Dyspnea.

Chronic Sarcoidosis is Sarcoidosis which does not heal fast and can have its effects for more than two years. One cannot really identify the symptoms for Sarcoidosis very easily but then changes in skin acts as primary symptoms for this disease.

For chronic Sarcoidosis chest X ray shows sin plaques, lupus pernio, glaucoma etc. therapy for this disease is corticosteroids. This therapy is very helpful for all Sarcoidosis patients as it helps people to overcome the pain and gives them relief. Chronic Sarcoidosis is seen among 10 to 30% Sarcoidosis affected patients in this case suffer from extra organ growth apart from lungs.

Thus we see that in chronic Sarcoidosis the involvement of other organs is much more than in those with mild Sarcoidosis. When Sarcoidosis affects lungs it results in end-stage fibrosis. This disease can be so dangerous that sometimes there are cases of death too. There are amazing treatment programs for this disease which strives to relieve patients from this harmful disease. A new treatment plan for Sarcoidosis is Aden protocol which has shown good results for curing chronic Sarcoidosis.

This disease is not very popular as other diseases and hence only a few people are aware of it. This disease is one such disease which was discovered 100 years ago but still expert professionals cannot find the exact root cause of this disease. This disease is a disease which will appear and disappear anytime thus we can state that this disease is unpredictable. This disease can be cured immediately but in certain rare cases it can last for a lifetime. The common symptoms experienced in this disease are breathlessness, constant coughing, formation of rashes, red bumps on face arms etc.

The other general symptoms could be loss of weight, fatigue, sweating at night; fever mentioned above there are treatments available for this disease but then no doctor can clearly state a particular treatment plan for this disease as its root cause is still in dark. Experts are still striving hard to find the root cause and expert treatment for this Sarcoidosis disease as it is indeed very dangerous.