Depression Risk Factors – Men, Women

Risk Category of Depression

As such, the exact cause of depression is not yet known; however there are many factors that results in depression in people.

Some of the risk factors comprise of Biological factors, psychological and social factors, lifestyle choices, etc. In fact, there are various stressful life events that can trigger depression.

Risk factors for depression in Men

There are certain risk factors that make a man more vulnerable to depression.

  • Lack of social support
  • Loneliness and lack of friends
  • Inability to deal with stress effectively
  • Childhood trauma or abuse
  • Addiction to alcohol or drug abuse
  • Isolation

Risk factors for depression in Women

There are certain biological and hormonal risk factors that make a woman more vulnerable to depression.

  • Premenstrual problems
  • Pregnancy and infertility
  • Postpartum depression
  • Peri-menopause and menopause
  • Body image issues
  • Harbouring negative feelings

Common Risk factors of Depression

  • Being a woman (as per researchers, women are twice more likely to develop depression than men)
  • Individuals with family history of depression
  • Individuals who have had traumatic childhood experiences
  • Individuals with family history of alcoholism
  • Individuals with biological family members who have had committed suicide
  • Individuals who have faced unfortunate life events
  • Individuals who have few friends
  • Individuals who have had failed personal relationships
  • Postpartum depression in women who have given birth to child recently
  • Individuals with depressed mood as a child
  • Patient suffering from serious illness such as HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease
  • Individuals with low self-esteem
  • Individuals who are self-critical or pessimistic
  • Individuals who are addicted to alcohol, nicotine or illicit drugs
  • Individuals who are poor
  • Individuals who take high blood pressure medications, sleeping pills, etc

Stressful life events that trigger depression

Apart from these risk factors there are various stressful life events that trigger depression in otherwise normal individuals.

  • Failed relationship such as breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Getting failed in exam
  • Illness of near ones
  • Divorce
  • Childhood abuse
  • Job loss
  • Social isolation