What Are The Risk Factors Of Arthritis?

We see so many people in our day to day life who are suffering from the dangerous disease called as arthritis. When we ask these people about it the expression which they give is indeed breathe taking. It is because such is the pain felt by these arthritis patients. The condition of these people is really worst. They have severe pain in their joints as it becomes swollen and red. The risk factors of arthritis are that they are very painful and stop a person from doing his daily activities. Lastly when you ask the patients about how long will it take to cure, the ultimate answer which you would get would be its not curable.

There are many risk factors involved in arthritis. All the doctors are quite aware of the risk factors and accordingly guide patients. People always to remain healthy and they always follow their doctor’s advice. So doctors must suggest good precautions so that patients take it seriously. This will also help patients to overcome pain. The risk factors of arthritis mainly are of four types

  • Gender

Gender can be one of the risk factors of arthritis. It is seen that women are more prone to arthritis than men. This does not mean that men are totally safe from this disease it is just that the cases of women having arthritis are more but both can be affected.

  • Age

This can be another risk factor of arthritis. Earlier only old people were prone to this disease but today people of all age group suffer from arthritis. This disease majorly affects people over the age of 40. This is because their bones start getting weak and also because they do a lot of work their joints become less and this slow pain ends with arthritis.

  • Ethnicity

Ethnicity can be a minor risk factor but then too showcases as one of the risk factors of arthritis. Professionals and researchers have seen relationship between ethnicity and arthritis and thus have proved it to be one of the risk factors.

  • Genetics

The last risk factor would be genetic. Some genes have the risk for increasing arthritis. Although this factor needs deep research work it is indeed a risk factor.

These risks cannot be modified and other factors like joint pain can also cause arthritis. There are some risk factors for arthritis which can be modified if you take timely precautions. Obesity can be one of the risk factors which can be modified with the help of time. So do take necessary precautions to avoid arthritis risks.