Risk Factors for Thyroid

There are many reasons that can be of risk to thyroids. Thyroid glands are an important part of any human body. Certain factors are too common that anybody can understand and realize.

Firstly gender; women are more likely to suffer from thyroids than men. On average women suffer 8 times more than men. Age is another important criteria basis which this disease can aggravate. People over 50 yrs are more susceptible to suffer from thyroid disease. An individual’s personal history is also of some relevance here. At times pregnancy does put a huge risk on developing postpartum thyroditis. This further causes a problem in case you plan for a second child. Family medical history soon follows as it affects the immune system of the individual. This risk is further higher if you have an immediate or first-degree relative suffering from the same. In case your family suffers from an autoimmune disease; this would immediately put you on the threshold to suffer from the same.

Secondly thyroid surgery sometimes relapses and results into hypothyroidism. Also radioactive iodine treatment that is considered to treat hyperthyroidism can also cause hypothyroidism. Pregnant women suffering from thyroditis can directly suffer from postpartum thyroiditis.

Thirdly, smoking can put you at an increases your chances for an autoimmune disease. The chemicals in the cigarette will cause thyroid eye disease which is worse than Grave’s disease. At time too much intake of iodine or herbal pills can also increase the risk of autoimmune diseases.

At the same time iodine deficiency can also cause problems for people staying in Mediterranean and hilly regions where salt is consumed in lower quantities. In some other cases medications and treatments involving lithium, amiodarone, monoclonal antibody, immunosuppressants leads to an underactive thyroid. Foods involving soy and goitrogenic elements will also lead to hypothyodism. The chemcials called goitrogens are found in broccoli, turnips, millet, kale, cauliflower, radishes, kohlrabi and sprouts.

Another important element is unnecessary radiation exposure will lead to higher chances of an autoimmune thyroid disease. Some other factors involve stress, depression, mental trauma, divorce; death can also put a lot of pressure on the individual. In case you have ever undergone a neck surgery you might be experiencing higher chance of suffering from hypothyroidism.

Lastly, surgical antiseptic exposure will also cause a higher risk of developing hypothyroidism, thyroditis and hyperthyroidism. Hence, understand all the different risk factors associated with thyroid disease and talk to your doctor if you some questions are still unresolved.