Risk Category for Pneumonia

The risk category for Pneumonia comprises of individuals who are vulnerable of getting Pneumonia. It predominately includes children, older adults (65 years and above) and patients with other complications.

The Pneumonia is easily spread in patients with immune deficiency diseases like AIDS/HIV. The risk category or risk factors are the conditions that enhance the possibility of getting pneumonia.

Let’s check out of risk factors of Pneumonia

• Chronic lung disease such as COPD, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis and other conditions.

• Individuals with habit of cigarette smoking or Drugs or alcohol abuse

• Difficulty in swallowing because of neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and dementia.

• Cerebral palsy

• Patients who have weakened Immune system or immune-compromised system

• Impaired consciousness due to loss of brain function

• Liver cirrhosis or diabetes mellitus or emphysema

• Individuals who have undergone recent surgery

• Cold, laryngitis, or flu

• Living in hospital or nursing facility

• Exposure to toxic pollutants and fumes

• Other serious illnesses like heart disease

The special care needs to be taken in the following cases.

Older Adult (around 65 years or more)

The individuals who are smokers, alcoholic, take drugs or injured; need to seek immediate medical attention as they are more prone to infections in the lungs. You should visit your medical care or hospital on priority basis in case you are an older adult and symptoms of Pneumonia are present.


It is essential that you should take your child to the paediatrician immediately if you have even a slight doubt of presence of pneumonia as children do not develop prominent symptoms of Pneumonia.

Individuals with Immune-compromised System

Patients who have other chronic illnesses like heart diseases, asthma or who need organ transplant or who is under treatment for cancer are more vulnerable to pneumonia. Similarly, patients who have weakened immune system due to AIDS, immune suppressive drugs, chemotherapy, etc are more susceptible to get Pneumonia than otherwise healthy persons.