Renon-Delille Syndrome

This is a rare syndrome that is often characterized or occurred with a reduction in thyroid hormone secretion, ovaries as well as leading to enlarged feet and hands.

The most common symptoms of Renon-Delille syndrome include enlarged hands and feet, low blood pressure, impaired thyroid function, impaired ovarian function etc. There are some home diagnostic tests that can be certainly undertaken to find some relevance with Renon-Delille syndrome.

The home based diagnosis includes HIV tests, Chlamydia tests, hepatitis tests, trichomonas tests, herpes tests. There are certain tests related to pregnancy and detecting this syndrome during the same period. They include fertility tests, fetal tests, early pregnancy tests, rhesus tests, ovulation tests and pregnancy tests.

The other tests related to fertility include home ovulation tests, male fertility tests, sperm motility tests, sperm count tests and home sperm tests. This syndrome can also be detected by conducting adrenal function tests, thyroid function tests, TSH Tests, FSH hormone tests, Osteoporosis tests, Menopause tests, Home Vaginal PH tests; Bladder tests kits, Urinary Tract Infection Test Kits, Yeast Infection tests, Candida kits, etc. Other tests including liver health and hepatitis include sexually transmitted disease tests, liver tests, hepatitis tests etc.  Some of the diseases in this group include multiple sclerosis, lupus, chronic failure, hypothyroidism, thyroid disorders, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, depression, breast cancer, leg cramps.

Most patients often undergo leg cramps late at night. Sometimes undiagnosed thyroid conditions lead to this syndrome. Most of the symptoms of thyroid disorders include mild and less harmful conditions as compared to others. Sometimes obesity, thyroid disorders, metabolic syndrome, overweight, COPD, diabetes also puts a lot of pressure on patients. There is an increased risk of fertility and hence it is always best to get in touch with the doctor at the earliest.