Relaxation Techniques For Prostate Cancer

Simple relaxation technique can help ease the stress and anxiety of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. A patient may experience stress, anxiety and depression with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and its treatment and its side effects. It is when stress, anxiety and depression get out of hand that the patient can try the relaxation techniques.

Learn Relaxation Technique:

“Relaxation, breathing, meditation and guided imagery are all great ways for the patient to learn to help themselves”, says Mary Beth a behavioural health therapist. Fear and anxiety cause short breathing patterns, which creates more anxiety. If the patient can learn to relax and modify that he can live in a calmer manner.

The beauty of these tools is that they can help the patient to get through anything. Meditation in the morning helps center a person with a goal in mind to focus on during the day. Staying focused on that goal helps create some balance and sense of calm.

Prostate cancer patients have many ways to teach their bodies to relax and release stress.


The patient has to visualize peace and relaxation. This is also called guided imagery. Whenever the patient feels anxious and stressed he has to create a picture of peace and calmness in his mind, using all the senses. He has to think of things that smell sweet, looks and sounds good.

Next he has to learn to relax his muscles. The patient can do this exercise anywhere. He has to start by tightening his muscles first and then relaxing them. This makes him realize how nice it feels to have relaxed sensation. He should take up this exercise from the toe and gradually reach the head and neck.


A rhythmic inhaling and exhaling of air helps in exhaling the toxin and inhaling positive energy into the body.


Meditation can be done anytime and anywhere. While meditating the patient’s mind should be clear. The patient can practice deep breathing, chanting, reading or just thinking of something good. The patient can also take up yoga after consulting the doctor.

The patient can also relax by taking a ‘tai chi’ or massage or take out sometime to listen to his favourite music.

Stress reduction can lower, blood pressure level/s, slow heart and breathing rates and increase blood flow in blood vessels.