Psoriasis – Causes, Symptoms

Psoriasis is not exactly a disease but we can call it as a disorder. Psoriasis is a condition where the skin changes its colour. It appears in different colored patches all over the body and is mostly seen in adults. But, then it can also affect children and teenagers. People who suffer from psoriasis often feel ashamed to step out because of their weird skin colour.

Psoriasis is basically caused due to the over reaction in the immune system. These reactions causes change in the skin colour and also cause skin flaking. People who are suffering from this disease grow new skin cells at a faster rate but then these cells do not shed like healthy cells which results out in excessive skin growth which is known as psoriasis plaques.

Psoriasis is indeed a very dangerous disease and cannot be ignored so easily. It requires proper treatment and diagnosis or else it will lead the patient to some serious problems. As the disease is not contagious so one need not worry about interacting with a person affected with psoriasis. But, it’s seen that this disease is hereditary and runs in some families. Researchers still cannot find the perfect reason behind this disease being hereditary.

Some of the main cause of psoriasis could be stress or mental illness. Smokers who smoke cigarette on a regular basis also tend to face this disease. Cold and dry weather could also be the other factors leading to this disease.

The symptoms of psoriasis can be mild as well as sever and it totally depends upon the person’s body as this disease can be cured immediately also while it might take a lot of time also in case of severe psoriasis. Some symptoms of this disease are very easy to recognize like tender skin, rashes over skin, itchy skin etc.

Another kind of psoriasis could be arthritis psoriasis patients suffering from this disease usually complain about having swollen and painful joints. At most sever psoriasis cases people lose their fingers too.

Hence to avoid this disease one must take the necessary precautions and follow a proper healthy routine. Lastly make sure you are tension free as that can be the very first cause for a dangerous psoriasis.  Though treatment can always cure this disease it is always better to take all the necessary precautions so that you remain safe and away from this disease.