Prostate Cancer Organizations

There are a number of organization that exist primarily to assist and educate men and their families who are dealing with prostate cancer. These groups have a wealth of resources available to assist a person in finding what he needs to deal with prostate cancer.

Each one has a focus that is slightly different from the other. For instance ‘Prostate Cancer foundation’ has a great deal of information bout on going prostate cancer research efforts, while ‘Us Too International’ focuses more on the well being of the families and loved ones of the prostate cancer patient.

In the US a number of organization are working which provide resources as well as aid the patient and their families. A few of them are:

  • American Cancer Society has a huge website offering information about different types of cancer, a range of support resources and some specific services for each type of cancer (including prostate cancer).
  • American Urological Association (AUA) is a group of 15,000 members involved in the field of urology. There are special sections of the site dedicated to patients including an urologist referral service.
  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) is a site with a vast amount of information about all types of cancer. The main focus of this site is the ongoing research efforts of NCI which is funded by the American government.
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation is the homepage for the largest charity contributor to prostate cancer research in the world. It gives great deal of information about research and ways to fund research.
  • Us Too International focuses on improving the lives of the prostate cancer patients with an emphasis on the patient’s family. They offer support groups, advocacy services and general prostate cancer information.

In India too there are a few organizations that help and serve prostate cancer patients. Some of them are:

  • Cancer Foundation of India is a non-profit voluntary organization campaigning for cancer prevention. It is a knowledge base organization generating information through focused research.
  • Cancer Patient Aid Association is a non-governmental charitable organization working towards the management of cancer including prostate cancer. It provides complete assistance to the cancer patient without just attacking the malignancy in isolation.
  • Indian Cancer Foundation is also a non-profit voluntary organization focusing on the eradication of cancer through awareness as well as focused projects. It is a self supporting cancer centre.