Prevention of Thyroid

The thyroid gland is the most important organ in a human body. The gland primarily responsible for metabolism and energy build-up does undergo certain problems which may put a toll on the body. Some of the problems that individuals face are weight gain, depression, heart disease and fertility. However, there can be additional problems if the thyroid gland fails to function properly. But this does not imply that you cannot control or prevent thyroid condition from getting worse.

There are some simple steps that can enable you to remain calm and healthy. Firstly urge for a thyroid collar during inspection or X-rays. You can always ask for a thyroid collar once you go for another round of an X-ray. This will give the neck the right comfort before X-rays are taken. You can always get rid of the unnecessary radiation exposure as only your thyroid would be exposed. The thyroid is definitely quite responsive to an exposure and any kind of excessive radiation will worsen the thyroid condition.

Secondly do not smoke or quit smoking if you are in the habit of smoking. The chemicals and toxins in the cigarettes often mess with the thyroid gland. These toxins can also lead to dangerous consequences. Also complications like Graves disease is associated with people who smoke. Smoking also leads to other cancerous problems.

Thirdly, take the help of your doctor at every stage. German researches have often vouched for Levothyroxine to be the solution for treating autoimmune thyroditis. This kind of medication will lower the TSH level and stop the disease to spread. Certain foods are extremely important to be stopped. For e.g.: intake of soy products will cause the immune system to falter and cause unnecessary problems. Other foods like tofu, miso soup and soy powders along with creams and pills should also be avoided. The bacteria and nutrients in these foods fail to work perfectly for the thyroid gland. Simply remember to consume potassium iodide (OTC medicine) in case there is some kind of emergency. This will work and protect the gland from turning into cancerous. Always keep a strip of this with you while you travel or at work.

Lastly, the fluoride in the toothpaste can also be a good solution to treat hyperthyroidism. It causes the thyroid gland to turn underactive immediately. Most importantly remember to educate yourself about the various kinds of options available to prevent thyroid disorders. Your doctor will be in a better position to explain in detail.