Postpartum Thyroiditis

This kind of thyroiditis is usually a result of thyroid inflammation that develops during the early years post childbirth. This kind of situation lasts for a good couple of months. Postpartum thyroids will also lead to a long-term problem known as hypothyroidism.

You can also be at a risk of postpartum thyroditis in case you have a bad immune system. This can lead to diseases like diabetes. Most of the symptoms observed by patients during hyperthyroidism include anxiety, weight loss, insensitivity to heat, irritability, rapid heartbeat, depression, loss of appetite etc. You will also experience some amount of weakness, fatigue.

Doctors will need to confirm a case of postpartum thyroditis only after undergoing a blood test. There is no need for any kind of treatment if the situation is mild. The problems arise when women face problems in breast-feeding. As soon as the thyroid cells gets inflamed you will be not be in a situation to bear cold, will lose weight easily and on a faster rate. The correct diagnosis of hyperthyroidism will be confirmed post efficient blood tests.

The thyroid function will begin to run normally post a small treatment or with the help of a thyroid replacement surgery. There are other times when the person may find it difficult to cope with pain and pressure on the neck. The baby will also be in great trouble if the mother is not treated on time. In case you want to plan for another child ensure your problem is well sorted before trying to conceive for the second time. You cannot afford to conceive at the stage when you start facing postpartum thyroidits.

It is always recommended to get treated well before planning for a second child. Sometimes women may require a longer duration in terms of getting treated. It is always safe to ask your doctor and discuss such trivial things which may be too taxing and tiring on the patient.