Pneumonia Symptoms

Before looking at the pneumonia symptoms, it is very important to understand what exactly pneumonia is? Pneumonia is generally a condition in which lungs are affected either because of infection or inflammation. Many individuals are prone to pneumonia. If this disease is not diagnosed properly, it might result in the death of a person.

Pneumonia is a lung infection that occurs when any virus, bacteria, fungus or parasitic infection attacks the body. However, sometimes pneumonia might also be caused by the inhalation of some foreign objects in the lungs. Pneumonia could even occur as a secondary disease in case there are immunity compromised cases. The pneumonia virus infection is generally due to calci and parainfluenza virus strains.

Below mentioned are some of the pneumonia symptoms that would help you to easily identify the disease and get the timely and proper treatment associated with it.

  • Rapid and irregular breathing: This is considered as the early signs of pneumonia. This helps to determine that there is some problem with the lungs. Due to improper supply of oxygen to the lungs the breathing is tough and tiring.
  • Improper lungs functioning: This symptom can also be of pneumonia. This also influences the heart’s pulse rate. The patient might feel a rapid heart pulse that occurs due to the efforts of the heart so as to balance the functioning of lungs.
  • Cough: This is also one of the pneumonia symptoms. In this case the cough is usually of hacking type that varies in intensity as the disease progresses. People sometimes confuse this symptom with the normal allergy or sinus symptoms.
  • Fever: As the disease progresses the infection spreads to different parts of the body and the patient might feel feverish. So, it is better to follow doctor’s advice and take the medications as recommended.
  • Splinting or weakening of muscles: The muscles get tensed due to non-stop coughing. Even there can be muscle spasms in worse cases.
  • Fatigue and lethargy: The patient gets weak and lethargic. However, this symptom is generally seen in all the diseases. However, it is better to visit a doctor in any case.

Although, the symptoms of pneumonia are very similar to some other diseases still it should not be ignored in any way. This disease should be properly diagnosed or it might result in the death of the person. There are many antibiotics available today that show effective results. If diagnosed at an early stage, this disease can be definitely controlled and the patient can restore his normal health in some time.

So, do not ignore these symptoms if they occur for a longer time. At the same time it is also necessary to take proper rest. This would ensure fast recovery of the patient. Pneumonia can also occur at any age of life and to anybody. Also, the best way to overcome all diseases is to have a proper diet that includes fruits and vegetables. This would build the immunity system of the body to fight against various diseases.

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