About Arthritis Physical and Occupational Therapy

Stiff joints are developed in people who are suffering from arthritis. This is mainly because movements are avoided and pain is increased. If the arthritic joints are mobilized, the pain and stiffness worsen. Therefore, there are many people who prefer going for arthritis physical and occupational therapy. This therapy benefits people to a great extent. This therapy is also very useful after injuries such as falls, joint surgeries and artificial joint replacement.

One can be taught to reduce the strain on joints due to daily activities.  One can also modify the home and workplace environments by seeking help from the occupational therapists. The motions are reduced to a great extent which would otherwise aggravate arthritis. Splints are also provided for wrists and hands. Assistive devices are recommended for aiding the tasks such as bathing, driving, dressing and housekeeping.

The main goal of arthritis physical and occupational theory is to get back a person to the point where normal activities can be performed by him without any difficulty. A good range of motion should be preserved. This helps in performing the daily activities very easily. The primary focus of arthritis physical and occupational therapy is to increase the range of joint motions. Strength is built in the muscles that surround the joint. This is very important as the weakened joints can be better stabilized by stronger muscles.

Exercises are provided by physical therapists for preserving the use and strength of the joints. The best way can be shown and one can easily move from one position to another. A person can also be taught to use working aids such as cane, walker or crutches. There are many benefits of the arthritis physical and occupational therapy. One can get a lot of education about the arthritis types and become well informed.