Penicillin Injection

There are many ways to treat out bacterial infections. Some people take anti-biotic, some use medicines. Thus the direct way to get out from these kinds of diseases is penicillin’s injection. These injections are antibiotic and are used to treat a variety of bacterial infections directly by injection; this is the fastest and most efficient way of treatment.

Well this is generally recommended by some experts that if you are taking penicillin, then you should go for a doctor first. A doctor knows well how to treat you. In any other case if you don’t have any option, you must be careful about the directions which your doctor showed you.

You must clean that area which is about to injected. Antibiotic works well when the amount of dose is being kept at constant level always. You should take it after an interval or by managing the level of dose through day and night. You should continue taking the injections on use of dose until it gets over, whether if your symptoms are gone before. We should use the full prescribed amount of dose. Bacteria are there which slows down after each dose of this injection and if the amount of dose has been terminated due to unseen effects, then a person may get bacteria’s attack again on his/her body soon.

Now we look for side effects of this anti-biotic.

Its high medication may leads to mil diarrhea, your stomach may go to upset, vomiting and nausea would be normal to happen when you are initializing the use of anti-biotic from some first days. If these symptoms remain unchanged and be continues then you are recommended to tell it your doctor first and fast.

Doctor checks whatever you say to him. So this is strongly recommended by experts that if you are going for a doctor in any case, you should tell whatever you feel like about your disease. If you develop urine with blood, a high fever (viral), blooding at the level of unusualness, your eyes are yellow, tiredness and weakness is being at its high edge. A person should tell his doctor about these all specially in these kinds of disease, because this disease may leads to pseudo membranous colitis (intestinal condition).

  • If you are allergenic by penicillin then you should consult with your doctor and take care of the following precautions:
  • You must try to notify your pharmacist about your prescription.
  • You may consult about your diet. Full avoid of salt may reduce harm of this disease.
  • You should care for your babies if they are patients.
  • Don’t give breast’s milk to babies if you are patient.