Mouth Cancer Symptoms

Many people who are addict to drinking and smoking should be aware of symptoms of mouth cancer because there are fair chances that they might suffer from this disease. So, the regular drinkers and smokers have high risk of acquiring this deadly disease. This article would let people know about some of the mouth cancer symptoms.

Every person knows that cancer is one of the major causes of deaths in today’s world. So, it is very important to have a proper diet and do exercise to prevent such diseases. Also, people who do smoking should be made aware of this deadly disease and stopped form this nasty habit.

Below listed are the 7 common mouth cancer symptoms:

  • Bleeding of gums: Excessive bleeding occurs from the gums but it is difficult to determine the cause behind it.
  • Lumps on the lips and gums: This can also be a sign of mouth cancer. Remember lump in any part of the body is not considered as a normal sign.
  • Sore throat: It is very difficult to determine whether this is a symptom of mouth cancer because sore throat can also be due to many other problems.
  • Weight loss: Instant weight loss must be discussed with the doctor for the treatment.
  • Pain in mouth area: This is a very common sign of mouth cancer.
  • Change in voice: There can be hoarseness in the voice due to mouth cancer.
  • Sores in the mouth area: This can be seen in the face or mouth area and can be considered as a mouth cancer symptom if it does not heal for more than 3 weeks.
  • Bad breath and tongue problem: This results in numbness and soreness in the mouth.
  • Skin lesions: This symptom can be seen after sometime the disease progresses.
  • Mouth ulcers: This is also a very common symptom of oral cancer.

Sometimes the symptoms of this disease are painless and a doctor can only diagnose the problem when the tumor spreads inside the mouth. In the advanced stage, a person feels discomfort, difficulty in speaking and swallowing.

So, these are some of the mouth cancer symptoms which should be known so as to take precautions and avoid smoking and drinking and prevent this life threatening disease.

Secondly, limiting the exposure to sun rays is another way to prevent mouth cancer. The excess exposure to the harmful UV rays could damage the lips cells and might cause cancer. So, it is better to use a good sunscreen to prevent from sun rays.

Always have a balanced and healthy diet. Eat foods and fruits which are rich in antioxidants and help to fight against other elements which can cause cancer. So, it is good to eat green vegetables, fruits and foods which are less fatty.

Lastly, this deadly disease can also be prevented by frequently visiting the dentist and going for a complete dental check up. Only a doctor can diagnose the problem properly and prescribe you the treatment according to the problem.

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