Medullary Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid glands have a very important role to play in a human body. Their job is to secrete hormones for smooth functioning, for reproduction, development stages and increasing metabolism. Sometimes they develop nodules which are like fibers curled together in an infinite number. They clog the gland and make it difficult for the glands to combine with the pituitary gland and secrete hormones T3 and T4.

Medullary Thyroid cancer (MTC) is also getting famous when it comes to thyroid cancers. They also constitute nearly 3 to 4 % of typically all cancers. The tumors are normally present in the neck or thyroid and can be cured with the help of lymphadenopathy. This kind of cancer is hereditary in nature and can easily pass through the family.

The process of diagnosing or treating MTC can be easily done through needle aspiration biopsy. However, cytology also refers to hypercellular tumors being present due to poor adhesion. The maximum percentage of survival rate involves a good 65% for nearly 10 years. The weak prognostic factors consist of prior neck surgery, endocrine neoplasia, advanced stage cancer.

Most cases observed under MTC includes familial. The family members will have to be screened so as to identify the risk of developing MTC. All the family members will be tested for the same. The treatment options involved in case of medullary thyroid cancer involve thyroidectomy. Nearly 75% of nodes can be positively removed. Sometimes external radiation will also help to remove the locally recurring tumors that show no evidence of survival. In fact even radioactive iodine will have no place in case of treating patients suffering from MTC.

Lastly, palliative chemotheraphy is also considred to display superb results in patients with metastatic diseases. Some patients with metastases will definitely undergo survival for a longer duration. You must talk to your doctor in case reading online does not yield any help in understanding the kind of treatment. The doctor will be in a better position to understand the various problems effectively. They will surely guide you and recommend the best procedure basis your thyroid functioning.