Medication Exposure

Even though prostate cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer after skin cancer, a lot of research is still required to know about this disease thoroughly. Many of the causes of this type of cancer are yet to be discovered. However, a tentative link has been found which is due to medication exposure. There are both positive and negative effects, depending on the type of medicine which the patient is being exposed to. Some links have been suggested between medicines and prostate cancer.

The use of cholesterol lowering medicines, which are known as statins, also help in reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer. If there is an inflammation or infection in the prostate gland, the probability of contracting this disease increases. Alternatively, a different research shows that infection causes higher blood flow to the affected area and helps in preventing this disease. Sexually transmitted diseases, especially, increase the risk. But, treatment can contain it.

It has also been noticed that high levels of testosterone in the blood and obesity can also cause prostate cancer. There is also a relation between prostate cancer and vasectomy but this is still under research and no definite conclusion has been reached yet. It has been noticed that most prescribed medicines have no relation whatsoever with this disease.

One research showed that soldiers in the U.S. army, who had any amount of exposure to the Agent Orange, were forty eight per cent more prone to recurrence of prostate cancer after surgery. This disease is mostly due to genetic disorders, dietary habits and occupation related hazards.

Doctors have become very particular about the medicines which they prescribe and this has, significantly, reduced ill effects and side effects of medicines. Even the companies which manufacture these medicines have become very particular in refraining from using harmful components with side effects. The governments all over the world have become very strict about the composition of medicines. This has resulted in reduced side effects and the drawbacks clearly being mentioned on the medicine strip, itself. Now, the drugs are tested again and again before released for public consumption.

Doctors avoid medicines which have bad side effects and it has been found that medicines generally, have a positive result in this case. Thus, it can be concluded that medication exposure is not a very important factor in contracting prostate cancer but, it definitely plays a very important role in treating this ailment.