What Is Lyme Disease? Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a kind of disease which occurs when tick affected with borrelia bites patients. Ticks are black legged insects which bite people. The main cause of Lyme disease is a bacteria called as Borrelia burgdorferi. It is indeed very difficult to detect Lyme disease because its symptoms take a lot of time to appear.

This disease is very popular among people in the regions of North America and Europe. When this disease affects one organ of the body than immediate precautions should be taken so that it does not spread in other organs of the body. A tick is an insect which bites like a mosquito because of which many people primarily ignore it as a mere mosquito bite. But, after a certain period the effect of this bite leads to Lyme disease.

In Lyme disease patients usually suffer from a bump which looks very similar to a bull’s eye this is the very first symptom of this disease. They look very much similar to rashes which are not so itchy but have a warm feeling. When this bacterium gets infected it slowly starts spreading itself to the different parts of the body.

The various symptoms of this disease is seen in three different stages. During the initial stage the area of the tick bite becomes round and red and is not very common in all patients. In the later stage inflammation of heart takes place which causes abnormal heart rhythm, heart failure etc. in certain case the cause of Lyme disease could lead to facial paralysis, arthritis, meningitis and other serious disorders. In some rare cases inflammation of the spinal cord is also experienced.

As the bacteria starts spreading its effects start increasing. Treatment for Lyme disease is available in the form of good treatments and antibiotic courses. But instead of taking good treatment it is always better to prevent your immune system from all these dangerous diseases. Patients having Lyme disease indeed suffer a lot during the suffering period. People undergoing this chronic pain must manage this pain by taking nutritional supplements.

Antibiotics however act as the strongest competitor for curing this Lyme disease. But, before consuming the antibiotic it is always better to take proper guidance and advice from your doctor as he is the right person who can suggest you with good treatments and remedies. When this disease affects pregnant women and small children below the age of 8 they must compulsorily approach a good doctor for their Lyme disease treatment.