Lung Cancer Symptoms

It is true that lung cancer is a life threatening disease. Today there are many people who are fighting against this problem. The disease is spreading rapidly in United States. Cancer though of any type, not only affects the patient but also the family. You can reduce the chances of lung cancer by avoiding smoking, asbestos and many other chemicals. This article would highlight some of the vital lung cancer symptoms.

The lung cancer symptoms differ from person to person. However, some of the lung cancer symptoms are noticed in all the stages. The most common symptom of this disease is chronic cough. This could either be a change in the existing cough or a new cough. This cough can be the one which produces phlegm or a dry cough.

The second lung cancer symptom is problem in breathing. There occurs shortness of breath, whistling or wheezing sound during breathing. This is a vital lung cancer symptom which many people ignore considering it to be a symptom of sinus or allergy. So, if the cough lasts for long time the one must consult a doctor immediately.

The last lung cancer symptom is pain. This can be mild, severe or stabbing chest pain. Some people with lung cancer also show symptoms such as headache and swelling on the face. In case there is a tumor, there can be swelling or pain in the shoulder, arm or neck. The cancer also results in weakening of the hand muscles.

It is very important to know the lung cancer symptoms as early detection is the best sign to fight against this deadly disease. So, immediately consult a doctor to start the treatment as soon as possible though, the symptom may be due to any other problem.

In certain cases lung cancer is asymptomatic. The disease is determined during the radiological chest examination. However, some patients show certain signs and symptoms. The most common lung cancer symptoms include cough, wheeze, dyspnea, pneumonia and stridor due to bronchial obstruction.

One must know that when the tumor grows in the lung tissue it causes pain. Sometimes, due to the tumor caviation there can also be seen abscess formation. When the tumor spreads it also results in dysphagia because of esophageal compression, dyspnea because of phrenic nerve paralysis, hoarseness because of laryngeal nerve paralysis and also sometimes horner syndrome because of sympathetic nerve paralysis.

Every person knows that any cancer if not diagnosed at an early stage might spread to different organs of your body. Lung cancer can even spread in the brain areas and cause neurological problems, fracture and pain in bones, invasion of bone marrow causing cytopenias, biochemical imbalance due to liver metastases and adrenal metastases.

Some other visible lung cancer symptoms include anorexia, weight loss, suppressed immunity, cachexia and fever. However, these symptoms are seen in the later stages of the disease. Even in some patients hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia can be observed because of ectopic parathyroid hormone that releases tumors.

Hope this article helps you in knowing some of the lung cancer symptoms.

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