What Is Lumbar Spinal Stenosis? l Define Lumbar Spinal Stenosis l Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Definition

The most common disorder faced by senior citizens is lumbar spinal Stenosis. This is seen due to the result of contact sports such as football, basketball etc. As mentioned in the name it affects the spinal cord in the body. As spinal cord is something very important an affect to it will have a serious effect on the human body.

Lumbar spinal Stenosis can be categorised into three parts central and combined. The central spinal Stenosis involves narrowing of the spinal canal while the combines the spinal Stenosis affects the root canal of the nerve.  The different types of Lumbar spinal Stenosis can be degenerative, post-traumatic etc. But the most common cause would be degenerative.

Lumbar spinal Stenosis affects people who are above 50 years of age who have histories of back pain and other spine pains. The symptoms seen in this disorder is usually extension of the lumbar spine, weight and non weight bearing postures of the spine.  Unlike in other joint and bone disorders this is one such disorder which cannot be treated with the help of exercise and yoga. One cause of this disorder could be people working out on treadmills in gym. It can have a bad effect over the spin generally for people who are above the age of 50.

To gain some relief patients with this disorder must take proper precautions. They must give rest to their spine and must try sitting position by inclining the treadmill in a particular angle which will probably increase the spinal flexion.

Apart from all this it is always better to take advice from a good doctor who can suggest you good ways to overcome lumber spinal Stenosis. Those people who do not wish to get affected by this disorder must take proper care and precautions on a primary basis as then only they can live a healthy risk free life.