Kidney Stone Symptoms – How can one identify them?

Kidney stone symptoms can be regarded as one of the worst things happened to you. It just feels like you are about to die. The kidney stone pain sometimes becomes so intense and chronic that you realize that you can just hope that it passes on quickly. If you want to know about the kidney stone symptoms, go through the article below:

Pain: You can consider this as the one of the top most kidney stone symptom. The pain usually depends on the place of the stone in the body and its size. For instance, for stones that are smaller in size you might have no pain or a small tinge only. However, for big stones you may feel a lot of pain at any one side of your back which radiates to the front.

The pain can also be felt throughout the hip and down to the urethra. The kidney stone pain is pulsating in nature just like waves. It can be similar to the contractions that women have while giving a birth to a child.

Frequent and painful urination: This is another major kidney stone symptom. While you are having kidney stones your body constantly tries to get it out. So, because of this reason it will keep stimulating you towards the bathroom. In addition, you also feel a lot of pain during the urination.

However, this kind of symptom is also felt while suffering from bladder infection. If you are having a fever along with the frequent and painful urination do go and visit a nearby doctor.

Vomiting and nausea: The kidney stone normally will stimulate your esophagus nerve. This nerve will have some discomfort in your stomach. This might lead to vomiting and nausea.

Blood in the patient’s urine: If the kidney stone has jagged against the walls it might actually to some scrape inside your kidney or the ureter. This might result in the occurrence of blood in patient’s urine. The blood might not visible to the naked eyes; however, it might show up in the pathology analysis.

When you are going through this kidney stone pain you should immediately visit a doctor near you. This is because you should ensure that it is related to kidney stone and not something else.

Normally, when you will be visiting a doctor, he might ask you to get the ultrasound done. However, doctors normally wait sometime so that the stone passes away naturally. Though, if the stone is big enough, the doctor may immediately start with the therapy.

The best alternative that you have while having kidney stone symptoms is to have a lot of glasses of water or any other liquid. Drinking a lot of water or liquid helps in easing up of pain. This also helps in the passing of stone. Many individuals also prefer using some home made remedies so that the stone gets dissolved inside the body and passes through the urine without any pain.

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