About Joint Ultrasound Test

X-ray has been the standard procedure to monitor or evaluate the conditions of the patients suffering from joint diseases or rheumatoid arthritis. But over the years the research has shown that rheumatoid arthritis can be detected early with better diagnosing and photographic methods. Ultrasound Imaging of the joint helps in detecting the erosion of the joints in cases of arthris and rheumatism. X-Rays show the bony structure on the other hand ultrasound gives a detail picture of the ligaments, muscles, tendons, cartilages and even nerves, helping in detecting the region from where the pain is originating.


When is Ultrasound Joint Testing Ordered

A physician can order a patient to undergo the test when the person is suffering from pain and needs to get a better understanding of the region from where the pain is originating. In cases of arthritis and rheumatism the detection of the erosion is far superior to X-ray and the abnormalities of the region can be seen well in the ultrasound pictures.

What can be Detected with Ultrasound Joint Testing

The testing is used in detecting muscle abnormalities, which can range from tears to swelling up of the soft-tissues. Different types of cartlidges and ligament conditions like the meniscus in the knee. Collection of fluids in the joints, muscles and burase can be detected too as well as the mixed nerves and tendons. Even the erosion of bones due to arthritis and rheumatism can be detected. Tearing or swelling of tendons in the ankles, elbows, knee and wrists are diagnosed with the ultrasound joint imaging.

Benefits of Ultrasound Testing

It is a noninvasive procedure hence painless and does not have any radiation or magnetic field so it can be used on pregnant women, people with metal implants as well as cardiac patients with pacemakers. Ultrasound imaging gives a clear picture of the soft-tissues and tendon structures also since a real-time imaging is used it can be used as a guide for targeted injections. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be detected or diagnosed with ultrasound imaging where the swelling of the median tendons and nerves get a clear visibility in the image. Apart from all these the technique also gives the opportunity in comparing the various other joints to that of the one with the swelling or problem.

Many times ultrasound joint testing in rheumatism and arthritis is used in detecting the effectiveness of the treatment that the person is under.