Jaundice Symptoms

Every person is aware of the disease jaundice. Any person in any age can suffer from this disease. This disease generally occurs when there is infection in the liver. In this case the liver functions abnormally and gets disturbed due to the deposition of excessive bile pigments. So, it is very necessary to immediately visit the doctor because if not taken action at an early stage it might result in certain serious consequences.

A person is suffering from jaundice when the color of skin changes from white to pale yellow. This is due to the increase in bilirubin content in the patient’s body. In Ayurveda the disease is popular by the name ‘Kamala’. Some of the major causes of jaundice include:

  • Blockage of bile duct: As a result of this blockage there occurs irritation in the liver and the gallstones.
  • Blood sucking virus and diseases: In this case jaundice is caused usually due to the improper functioning of the liver because of the infection in blood due to blood sucking virus and disease.
  • Haemolytic Anemia: This happens when the red blood corpuscles or RBC do not function in proper way. This can also be congenital. So, this is also one of the causes of jaundice.

The most common jaundice symptoms include:

  • Headache and fever
  • Extreme weakness
  • Nausea
  • Severe constipation
  • Discoloration of skin, eyes and urine from white to pale yellow
  • Mild pain in the liver area
  • Loss of appetite

It is not only necessary to take proper rest in this disease but proper jaundice diet is also very essential for the quick recovery of the disease. In jaundice treatment it is advised to have barley water and fruit juices strictly. Cereals and pulses are avoided strictly as they increase the liver inflammation. Also stay away from fatty foods for some time strictly.

Remember that it is best to have fruit diet and fresh fruit juices in the diet for the jaundice patient. Some of the fruits that are very effective in this disease are grapes, sweet potatoes, black soya beans, and nuts. This fruits help in fine and fast recovery of the jaundice patient.

The jaundice diet can also be summarized as:

  • Strictly avoid spicy foods
  • Eat nuts and almonds
  • It is best to have lemon in your diet when suffering from jaundice
  • Have more and more fiber products
  • Take proper rest
  • Drink fruit juices and have more fruits in the diet
  • Drinking fresh tomato juice in early morning is a very effective way of treating this disease
  • Have sugarcane juice everyday for 1-2 weeks approximately
  • Orange juice is also supposed to be a good source of treating jaundice. It eases the bowel movement.

Above all, the first step is to visit a doctor in case you see any of the above symptoms. Only a doctor would confirm whether the patient has jaundice or not. Follow the doctor’s advice and do accordingly.

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