Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) – Causes, Treatment

The word ‘Impotence’ describes a condition in men in which, they are continuously unable to achieve an erection, necessary to enjoy a satisfying sexual intercourse.

In some cases, even if the person can achieve an erection, he is unable to maintain it for a long duration of time. This problem is not similar to / associated with other problems in the sexual domain such as no sexual desire, ejaculation disorders (delayed ejaculation, premature or early ejaculation and no ejaculation) or disorders related to orgasm.

Impotence is medically known as erectile dysfunction; the men who suffer from this disease are often unable to sexually satisfy their partners and hence, they face a lot of mental trauma and find it difficult to manage their romantic relationships.

Causes of Impotency

Psychological causes: even though the penis does not have any physical alteration, psychological problems like anxiety (which is often due to inability to achieve sexual satisfaction), depression, lack of adequate sleep and even excessive stress can affect one’s sexual performance. Fatigue, lack of adequate exercise, poor or no appetite, sleep or job failure can also lead to unusual sexual reflexes.

Vascular causes: they are very common; sometimes, the penis cannot collect the blood needed for an erection, this can happen due to lack of blood in the man’s body. Smoking, having high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and changes in blood cholesterol levels can lead to different vascular disorders that can hinder a man’s erection.

Neurological causes: in these cases there is an interruption in the transfer of messages from the brain to the penis because there is an injury to the nerves involved. This occurs with lesions of the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis or surgery in the pelvis region.

Hormonal causes: in rare conditions, lack of male sex hormones can cause impotency.

Drug Causes: The side effects of several medications can diminish the ability to have an erection. Among them are drugs to treat hypertension, heart disease and psychiatric disorders.

Treatment of Impotency

Many doctors suggest that the choice of treatments for impotency or erectile dysfunction, which is to be followed, should be the least to most invasive. The first step is to take drugs that can help in attaining or retaining an erection. The second step is to opt for psychotherapy and behavior modification, then the next step is to use vacuum devices and finally, if all other steps fail, one can opt for surgery.